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Taken 2 Trailer: Somebody Pisses Liam Neeson Off...Again

Taken 2 Trailer: Somebody Pisses Liam Neeson Off...Again

You'd think badguys of this world, the DC Universe, and Narnia would've learned by now; you don't mess with Liam Neeson. He's trained Batman and Obi-Wan Kenobi, he's schooled the French police as Jean Valjean, and he's played two different incarnations of gods.

Besides that, in 2008, some people stole his daughter and he hit them with buses, strapped them to electric chairs and did many other nasty things to them. So their angry dads thought it was a good idea to steal his wife.

"I mean, come on guys!" says Head Honcho in the first scene. "What's the worst he can do? Hit us with a train?"

And then they're in deep shiz.

So is the movie's plot about as basic as the last one (as it seems to be from the trailer)? Bryan Mills loses family member, goes after her, kills the ones responsible. Every time Liam Neeson is shown in this trailer, he gives the competition plenty of reason to wonder why they pissed him off again.

Which makes us wonder if this whole movie is just an excuse to let Liam out of the cage once more. But really, as long as he does get let out of the cage, who cares?

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