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TRAILER: Breaking Dawn Part 2

TRAILER: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Fans of glittering vampires and werewolves with abs of steel everywhere have something to rejoice about this week, as a brand new extended trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 has hit the web. Now a full fledged vampire, our hero Bella revels in her newfound powers, which apparently include jumping really high and finally getting to enjoy the cold embrace of Edward, without the pangs of regret that haunted her throughout the first several installments of the franchise.

Now parents to the newborn Rensemee, the Cullens call on their vampire brethren to protect their child from an allegation that ultimately pits them against the Michael Sheen-fronted Volturi. Their leader insists that "Maintaining their secret has never been more imperative," and yet doesn't seem to think that marching across fields of snow in battle formation wearing spooky 18th century robes might arouse suspicion that they're just a little out of the ordinary.

It all leads up to what promises to be an epic battle, pitting the joined forces of ridiculously beautiful vampires and werewolves against the solemn, yet powerful Volturi. Can the combined dreamboat power of Team Edward and Team Jacob save the day? We'll all be glittering with anticipation 'til November 16th to find out.

Are you looking forward to Breaking Dawn Part 2?

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