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Zombies Invade Bangor, Maine (Sort Of)!

Zombies Invade Bangor, Maine (Sort Of)!

The federal government has told us time and again that, despite the potential for such an event, a zombie apocalypse can and never will occur. Mind you, that was until a few short weeks ago when the nation got word that a man in Florida was found by authorities devouring a vagrant’s face after abusing a drug dubbed “bath salts.” While we were told it was an isolated incident and we have nothing to fear, the government had recently taken it upon itself to run a zombie apocalypse drill in Bangor, Maine. What went down in Bangor? Nothing short of what happens in a zombie flick!

According to the Huffington Post, on Thursday of last week, emergency responders hailing from eight different Maine counties came rushing to Bangor, Maine after receiving bizarre word of a zombie viral outbreak originating from Jamaica. EMS workers and other medical professionals were briefed on the mock situation, with actors (donning make-up to emulate injuries and such) portraying victims that contracted the virus in its various stages.

Situations ranged from the distribution and administration of the anti-viral vaccine to proper evacuation and quarantine protocols. And, naturally, the first responders were told to do their best to not get bit (which is kind of restating the obvious, no?). But those who were unfortunate enough to have a zombie take a nice bite out of their flesh were ordered to a place a sticker on their name tag—and not of the scratch-n-sniff variety indicative of a job well done. This sticker meant he or she was infected and better get to a vial of vaccine before the infection takes complete hold!

Even though the emergency drill proved that the United States’ EMS teams are adept at handling a zombie viral outbreak, it really didn’t do much to allay any fears we have of an oncoming zombie apocalypse—especially when we’ve told that it’s not going to happen. Relief coupled with apprehension. Mixed signals are never a good thing...

Do you think a zombie apocalypse is possible?

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