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TRAILER: Monsters University

TRAILER: Monsters University

Disney's Pixar, the can-do-no-wrong animation studio that's brought us Toy Story, Up, and the recent hit Brave, just unleashed a teaser trailer for the highly anticipated prequel to Monsters Inc, Monsters University. Just like its predecessor, this one looks like it's loaded with laughs, as we get a glimpse into the genesis of the friendship between the uptight, wise-cracking eyeball-on-legs Mike Wazowski, and the furry blue beast with a heart of gold, Sully.

It's not quite evident whether or not this installment has a significant human character like the ridiculously adorable Boo from the first, but hey, that just may mean that we get more awesome monsters this time around, so who's complaining? There isn't a ton we can ween from this teaser, but it's obvious that these guys know how to party and that thankfully, the hazing rituals at Monster U are a little less severe than in Animal House. The teaser also boasts some really cool tunes from old disco favorites, to one of the greatest one hit wonders of all time, Spandau Ballet's "True."

The only bummer about this trailer is that we have to wait 'til Summer of 2013 to see it! Twelve years is a long stretch in between installments, but thankfully CGI monsters don't age. Also, although we don't get to hear much of them in the trailer, M.U. has loads of new awesome vocal talent, with comedic stars like Kelsey Grammar, Ken Jeong, and the Kids in the Hall alum, Dave Foley joining in for the fun. From the looks of this teaser, it seems like come 2013, a whole lot of us will be enrolling in summer school.

Are you looking forward to Monsters University?

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