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VIDEO: "Comic Store Heroes" is Coming to National Geographic

VIDEO: "Comic Store Heroes" is Coming to National Geographic

It seems it was only recently that the media began to take notice of the once overlooked (and ridiculed) world of geek culture. But now with its inexplicable and sudden surge in popularity, television networks have been scrambling to cobble together reality shows that place focus on a slice of life from the various realms of geekdom. Competing with Travel Channel's Toy Hunters and AMC's Comic Book Men, National Geographic Channel presents Comic Book Heroes: a show that gives due to the comic book culture of the greatest city in the world—New York!

Like we said in the intro, Comic Book Heroes will be hitting the streets of New York City as it covers the victories, trials and tribulations of Midtown Comics' employees, as well as the eclectic ensemble of customers that frequent the store chain's three locations on a regular basis. And it wouldn't be a show about NY geek culture without the obligatory coverage of the largest geek culture event on the East Coast: New York Comic Con!

What looks to set Comic Book Heroes apart from the rest of the pack is what appears to be insightful interviews with the common geek man and woman that keep this wonderful culture alive (as opposed to the ones that derisively make us look like a bunch of socially inept clods). It goes without saying we'll be seeing plenty of in-depth looks at the lives of avid comic book collectors and cosplayers, but, if the trailer is anything to go by, we might just have more heartfelt interviews with those that carry greater aspirations—perhaps those wishing to become a part of the industry's creative force that work to create the properties that entertain and inspire us all.

Comic Store Heroes will premiere on July 13th at 8 pm (ET, PT) on National Geographic Channel, making for a nice kickoff to what will otherwise be an excitement-induced sleepless night before Comic Con International in San Diego.

Will you be watching Comic Book Heroes?

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