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Chef Anthony Bourdain Writes a Graphic Novel: "Get Jiro!"

Chef Anthony Bourdain Writes a Graphic Novel: "Get Jiro!"

He writes for HBO’s Treme. He has written nearly a dozen books and cookbooks, including Kitchen Confidential. He currently hosts No Reservations on the Travel Channel, and has new shows lined up for both CNN and ABC. And now, Anthony Bourdain is adding “graphic novelist” to his résumé.

That’s right! Anthony Bourdain’s first foray into writing a graphic novel, Get Jiro, (DC / Vertigo) will be available everywhere today. Bourdain talked of his life-long love of comics and graphic novels on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and spoke of his desire to write a “hyper-foodie graphic novel with a lot of really lurid violence in it.” Sounds delish on several levels!

Get Jiro takes place in a futuristic and post-apocalyptic Los Angeles in which chefs are waging war against each other, apparently fighting over, according to one page in the comic, “culinary minutiae and arcane philosophical differences—and of course, turf.” Jiro, a sushi chef who marches to the beat of his own drummer, is caught in the middle of the power struggle between Bob and his Internationalist posse, who advocate high-end gourmet dishes, and Rose and her “Vertical Farm” vegan posse, who dole out the healthiest fare possible.

You can check out a preview of Get Jiro here.

Bourdain said that writing a graphic novel has been a dream of his since he was a kid, and has called himself a total fanboy in several interviews. He credits spaghetti westerns, Mad magazine, and his love of Japanese food and culture as influences that inspired him when creating Get Jiro. Bourdain also told USA Today that due to his genuine love of and appreciation for food, he wanted Get Jiro to be both “thrillingly accurate,” and “hyper-nerdy.”

"I needed to create a world where lopping somebody's head off for disrespecting a well-made piece of sushi would be seen as appropriate behavior,” Bourdain said. It seems as though he has succeeded in his aim—a typical scene: when a surfer dude orders a California roll, a dish Jiro finds tiresome, the only thing that rolls is surfer-boy’s head across the restaurant’s floor!

Bourdain has joked about his disdain for vegetarians before, and says he is excited to explore the role food plays in our society. Early reviews of Get Jiro are favorable, and suggest that Bourdain’s trademark sarcasm and satirical wit are on full display.

Get Jiro was co-written by Bourdain’s pal Joel Rose (Kill Kill, Faster Faster and The Blackest Bird) with artwork done by Langdon Foss. The trio will be promoting the work at Comicon.

Will you be picking up a copy of Get Jiro?

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