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Catching Fire: The Latest on Casting for the 2nd Hunger Games Movie

Catching Fire: The Latest on Casting for the 2nd Hunger Games Movie

If you're breathlessly anticipating the release of Catching Fire, the second movie in the Hunger Games trilogy, you aren't alone. After all, even if you've read the books and know what happens to Katniss, seeing it on screen makes for a completely new and different experience. It's going to be a long wait until November 22, 2012 (the release date of the film), but we have some tidbits about possible casting and production to tide you over!

  • A New Director: If you weren't previously aware, The Hunger Games director Gary Ross chose not to direct the second film, supposedly because of concerns that the tight production schedule wouldn't allow him to make the best movie he possibly could. Francis Lawrence, director of I am Legend as well as multiple music videos (yes, we think it's odd too), has stepped in to fill Ross's extremely large shoes.
  • Johanna Mason: Rumors about the casting of this tribute have been all over the place. According to Slashfilm, actress Mia Wasikowska, perhaps best known for playing the title role in the Tim Burton movie Alice in Wonderland, was considered a top contender, but she's since dropped out, insisting she was never contacted about the part and wouldn't have been able to take it if she had. Apparently model Zoe Aggeliki was also up for the part, but according to Entertainment Weekly, casting is going in an entirely different direction. EW claims that Jena Malone, of Sucker Punch, fame is one of the top contenders for the role. We're very interested to see how this whole battle plays out.
  • Rumors and Gossip Galore: There is also all kinds of gossip about other casting being bandied about. For example, Den of Geek speculates that Philip Seymour Hoffman may be playing Plutarch Heavensbee. And both Den of Geek and Slashfilm have confirmed that Kevin Nash, wrestler-turned-actor, is playing someone in Catching Fire. We're just a little fuzzy on who that might be.

It's incredibly fun to speculate on casting, but at the end of the day, we have to accept what we get. Luckily, the first Hunger Games movie boasted an excellent cast, so we just have to hope they stick to that same quality for the second installment.

Who do you want to see cast in Catching Fire?

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