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Talking Dead Season 3 Special Edition Episode Recap - with SPOILERS!

Talking Dead Season 3 Special Edition Episode Recap - with SPOILERS!

This very special edition of Talking Dead was jam packed with all kinds of exciting news about Season Three of The Walking Dead. Please be aware, Masterminds, that this recap does include a number of big spoilers for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. If you want to remain spoiler free, please don’t read any further.

First up was the announcement of what fans should expect to see from The Walking Dead at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Special Effects guru Greg Nicotero revealed that fans get the chance to have their photo taken with Michonne and one of her zombie pets. Why only one? Turns out YOU get to star as the other zombie pet. Of this unique fan experience Nicotero says,  “Visitors to the AMC booth will be able to walk up, put the chain and collar around their neck and be the second pet. It will literally give fans and viewers a chance to step into the show.”

Glen Mazzara talked a bit about the big bad baddy for Season Three—a man only known as The Governor. Said Mazzara, “The Governor is a guy who believes that this zombie apocalypse is all about him… [that] history’s going to look back and see there was one man who kept the light on, who kept humanity going, and he thinks that’s him. He thinks that’s his mission, and he’ll do anything to make sure he is that guy… he thinks he is The Messiah”.

Characters from last season are also starting to change and get darker. Chandler Riggs (Carl) says of his character’s changes, “He’s growing up, he’s definitely not a kid anymore. He’s going to the dark side. He’s more of a soldier, more part of the group now.”

Previously we learned that the majority of Season Three will be set in a prison. The name of the town the prison is located in is called Woodbury. Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd comments, “When you first arrive at Woodbury, you think it’s pretty normal… but if you pry a little deeper, you’ll notice there’s something rotten in Woodbury.”

Viewers got a glimpse of some of the new and awesome weapons that will be used this season. The prop master, John Sanders, showed a vast array of different weapons including a machine gun, Michonne’s trademark katana, and even something that looked like a rocket launcher(!).

Series creator Robert Kirkman was on the show to discuss the 100th issue of The Walking Dead comic book series, which debuts on Wednesday, July 11th, 2012 at comic book stores nationwide. In celebration of the 100th issue, eight alternate covers have been designed by a number of different artists including Todd MacFarlane, Bryan Hitch, Charlie Adlard, and Frank Quitely. There’s even an exclusive variant cover only available to fans who attend the San Diego Comic Con and participate in a Walking Dead themed obstacle course called “The Escape”!

One of the night’s most exciting confirmations was that a character from Season One will return. Merle Dixon, Daryl’s brother, will be back for Season Three. Viewers last saw Merle in the Season One episode “Guts “, cuffed to a drainpipe on the roof of a department store. We can only imagine how much crazier and more dangerous Merle has become since. Being both gamers and The Walking Dead fans, we were pretty pumped to learn that in 2013 Activision will be releasing a The Walking Dead console game for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Players get to play as Daryl “Ear Necklace” Dixon. Daryl’s brother, Merle, is also featured in the game. The game is set in the early days of the zombie apocalypse as the brothers try to survive in this new, walker-filled world.

This very special edition of Talking Dead saved the best for last: the sneak peak of Season Three. We could describe it for you, but we think this is something you need to see for yourself to appreciate just how awesome it is. It serves to clearly establish just how much of a badass one of the survivors is, and how they have learned to be completely in their element in this new world. The clip left us super excited for the new season. We officially can’t wait for the Season Three premiere this October and we’re pretty sure if you saw the clip too, you’re just as geeked as we are!

Are you excited for Season Three? Do you like the idea of this season being set in the prison?

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