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True Blood Recap: From Supes to Nuts

True Blood Recap: From Supes to Nuts

This week’s True Blood finally had some major happenings: Sam gets shot, Russell gets well, and the smoke monster from LOST guest-stars as the ifrit with a curse on Terry! Here’s how it all went down:

The episode picks up with Sookie and Alcide, who are about to take things to the next level when she vomits on his shoes. “You sure know how to treat a lady,” says Eric, who stands in the doorway with Bill. “We were worried about you,” Sook says to the vamps. “Clearly,” replies Eric, glaring at Alcide.

They request Sook’s help, asking her to “un-glamour” the guard on duty the night Russell was released. Overwhelmed, Sook agrees and gives a speech of crazed resignation, telling the fellas she’ll “boot and rally,” as she walks through the door Tara broke. Her triad of admirers follow.

Lafayette, still fighting the brujo that seems to take over his body at random, freaks out and asks his dead boyfriend Jesus to give him a sign—he’s lost. Later, he wakes from a dream to find Jesus’ head on his nightstand trying to speak through a mouth that has been sewn shut. Lafayette’s mother, Ruby Jean, wakes simultaneously and sees the same thing, only she seems to understand what Jesus is saying. She says she’ll “tell him,” and calls out Lafayette’s name! This looks promising!

At Fangtasia, Tara turns heads as a vampire, sauntering through the club in a bustier borrowed from Pam, who watches her progeny with more than a hint of pride. Pam forces Tara to bartend, and warns her not to feed in public when Tara nibbles on a willing patron.

In a great moment, Jessica orders an o-neg/b-pos cocktail and reaches out to Tara, literally giving her an “it gets better” speech. The two bond as they discuss their primal urges and the perks of being a vampire. The world is wide open, and you get to be young forever, Jessica says, in a moment that feels like a scary visit from the Foreshadowing Monster, considering there’s a truck full of nutcases shooting “supes” about town. More on that later.

Later, Tara feeds on Hoyt, who’s doing his best Bowie impression these days, which does not sit well with Jess. Their new bond becomes undone, and the she-vamps start a brawl that continues into next week!

Meanwhile, Jason and Andy, who, last we saw, were zapped by magic fairy hands, both wake naked—Jason at home and Andy on a peeved Arlene’s couch. Jason had a dream in which, clad in awesome He-Man pj’s, he was at home on Christmas morning with his parents. He woke up when blood started pouring out of fang marks on their necks.

He and Andy get called in to investigate the double shifter homicide at Sam’s, where they find wooden bullets with a silver center. Captain Bellefleur examines the tire tracks, demonstrating his deduction skills: “BF Goodrich... Radials,” he says. Due to last week’s reveal that his parents were killed by vampires, Jason is more concerned with the “supes” who have been getting away with crimes for years than the actual case at hand. Jason is starting to evolve emotionally this season, so we’re hoping he won’t recede back into his Fellowship of the Sun persona.

Sam goes to check on Luna and to tell her about their friends being killed. As he leaves, a truck full of crazies with guns yell: “Hey, shifter!” before gunning him down. Luna runs out and is shot, too. Only little Emma, cutest she-wolf ever, escapes. Sam probably survives, but things don’t look good for Luna.

In the still-lame Terry storyline, we learn that a woman he and his troop killed in Iraq put a fiery curse on them. It’s called an ifrit. It’s an infernal cloud of black smoke, and it actually existed in Arabic and Islamic cultures. Wikipedia calls it “an enormous winged creature of fire,” that is “susceptible to magic.” Hmmm... the only brujo we know is having a very hard time right now. This could finally be cool if Lafayette and Terry’s worlds collided.

Sookie gets inside the head of Alcide’s employee Doug, who helped someone break Russell out. We learn that person was a woman when Sookie sees a pendant that female Authority members wear. We don’t trust Salome, Roman’s promiscuous sidekick, but Nora’s role is still unclear, and Bill suspects her. He and Eric argue when they get a call from the Authority—their iStakes are set to activate at dawn. Time is running out.

Doug leads them to an abandoned asylum, where they walk past strewn limbs and a pile of bodies before coming to a room that can only be described as Russell’s pantry: a bunch of people bound and strung from the ceiling.

At long last, they find Mr. Edgington alone in a room. “It took you long enough,” Russell tells them as they approach him cautiously. Just as Eric is about to stake him, Alcide is grabbed and dragged from the room!

What did you think of the developments in this week’s episode?

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