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Before The Amazing Spider-Man, There Were Some Weird Incarnations

Before The Amazing Spider-Man, There Were Some Weird Incarnations

The Big Three in superhero lore are generally considered Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man; they're the best-known, the most iconic, the most loved, etc. And for the longest time, Superman and Batman had film series, but Spider-Man had none; the Batman four-film series starting with Tim Burton's 1989 Batman and ending with the infamous Batman & Robin, the Superman five-film series starting with Superman in 1978 and ending with Superman Returns in 2006, which have now both been rebooted (Batman Begins in 2005 and Man of Steel in 2013).

In 2002, Spider-Man finally joined his DC counterparts on the silver screen, but it took a long time to get there. Ever since Batman and Superman ruled the theaters, different incarnations of the Spider-Man story had been cast. Here's some of the most interesting and/or hilarious:

The Amazing Spider-Man 1977: A TV pilot was made in New York City. Unfortunately, the budget wasn't big enough to include swinging scenes, any supervillains, Uncle Ben, or even two webshooters; Spider-Man (played by Nicholas Hammond) had just one, and it only shot about ten feet.

Tarantula Man: When Cannon films gained the rights to make a Spider-Man film in 1985, they gave the unimportant job called "writing the script" to someone who had never even read the Spider-Man comics. What emerged was a script where an evil scientist bombards the company's hired photographer with radioactive rays, turning him into an eight-armed, hairy monster who then battles suicidal tendencies and a bunch of other mutants in the scientist's basement.

Doc Ock: A few scripts later, the villain was now Doctor Octopus, armed with four robotic arms and the catchphrase "Okey dokey." Not even kidding.

Cast of the Past: Before Spider-Man came to Columbia Pictures, nobody was ever set to play Spider-Man or his nemeses, but Arnold Schwarzenegger was considered for the part of Doc Ock, and the directors discussed offering the part of Spider-Man to Tom Cruise.

Spider-Man 4: Before this fourth edition to the first series was tossed, Raimi was going to throw in what became the new reboot's villain, Dr. Curt Connors/the Lizard, as well as John Malkovich as the Vulture, and Anne Hathaway as the Black Cat.

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