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YouTube Parody "Sorted This Way" goes Gaga for Hufflepuff

YouTube Parody "Sorted This Way" goes Gaga for Hufflepuff

It's not often that a fantasy franchise impacts music culture so strangely as Harry Potter has (though, to be fair, Lord of The Rings did sort of spawn heavy metal.)

But, seriously. The web is haunted with comic rap battles between HP and the Emcee Who Must Not Be Named, earnest indie rock tributes from the likes of Harry and the Potters (or Draco and the Malfoys, if you'd rather back the bully,) and a good 2,300  dubstep remixes nobody asked for floating around YouTube alone. If you have more expensive tastes, you can go see The Potted Potter's truncated theatrical adaptation of The Boy Who Went Viral during its limited off-Broadway run. And now, thanks to Hogwarts-themed YouTube team notliterally, you can sing your Hufflepuff pride with the geekalicious Lady Gaga parody "Sorted This Way."

The new video from the pretty Potter parodists comes in tandem with a Ke$ha-riffing anthem called "We R Slytherins," and is endearingly dorky. It's also pretty well-endowed with production value. Silk dancing acrobats, strip-away leather uniforms, and "Willie the Hufflepup" mingle throughout the four-minute tribute into a a truly Gaga-gaudy glitterbomb of house pride.

But the linking of Gaga's LGBT fanfare and the lesser-represented Hogwarts house begs the question: Are Hufflepuffs really the marginalized culture of British wizardry? We know they rarely wow in the house cup, but they also never turned out any homicidal super-wizards. Surely they can hold that honor above Slytherin, no? We also know a Hufflepuff founded Hogsmeade, which was probably a nice stroke for 'Puff popularity. And it's not like they're a bunch of dirty m*dbloods, or anything (pardon the hate speech—it's just the form my self-loathing takes.)

Also, if Gaga's the pop culture emissary to Hufflepuffs, who is the essential Slytherin? Kanye, maybe? He's got the house pride down, for sure.

Help us out, Huffleheads. Watch the video below, and if you can think of a more clever rhyme than "A different house is not a sin/ Not even Slyther-R-I-N" to express your school pride, drop it in the comments section.

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