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(Alan) Moore Projects than you can Shake a Stick At

(Alan) Moore Projects than you can Shake a Stick At

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve read Shakespeare, Dickens, and Chaucer, and we can say without hyperbole that Alan Moore is a million times better than all of them put together. He is the greatest living writer certainly, and probably the greatest living organism. Science proves that there is a 74% chance that all human history is just a figment of Moore’s imagination. The uncontestable truths are disguised by the fact that Moore sounds like a Northampton chimney sweep with the audio slowed, and he look like a strung-out Santa Claus (Remember kids, if you buy Before Watchmen comics he's going to come to your house this Christmas and fill your stockings with rusty knives—and he's not waiting for you to take them off your feet first).

A combination of early financial success and general misanthropy means that Moore tends to only crawl out of his giant hobbit hole on rare occasions when he needs extra money for taxes, food, or bird skulls. Just recently the newest volume of his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen hit the shelves. Before that, his last comic project was Neonomicon (A word of warning: if you are even a little sensitive, you’ll want to steer clear of this title—seriously messed up contents in this one). The next year and a half, however, promises to be pretty chock full o’ Moore. The following are presented by theme and not in chronological order because Moore seems to take deadlines as personal insults, so it’s generally a crapshoot trying to predict what will come out on time and what won’t.


League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Nemo—Heart of Ice
A 48-page one-shot that is described as taking Jules Verne’s vengeance-fueled anti-hero to H.P. Lovecraft’s Antarctica. We think it’s fair to say that there is a lot of potential for a knock-down, drag-out, monsters and mayhem tale to come out of this book.

From Hell Companion
This isn’t a comic itself, but a companion piece to the 1990s comic book series. It is a collection of never-before-seen art and scripts about the project. Those of you who have read the trade paperback of this comic know that it contains a whopping dose of the ridiculous amount of research that Moore puts into his stories, so this companion is likely to offer more of the same.


Unearthing (softcover)
This project has already been everything but a printed book (an essay, a set of vinyl records, a book of photography, an audiobook), so it’s probably time that it gets a more mainstream treatment. Unearthing is essentially a psychological excavation of the inner archaeology of a man (a real man—specifically, comic writer Steve Moore, no relation).

Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic
And speaking of Steve Moore, this book is a collaboration between the two Moores which takes the aesthetics and gee-whiz tone of a book of magic tricks for children and uses them to present a book of occult and mystical undertakings like contacting the dead and summoning demons. This project sounds brilliant, but be warned—Top Shelf Productions has had this thing listed as a “future release” since the advent of movable type, so don’t hold your breath.

This is the big one, literally. Currently estimated at a staggering 600,000 words (the largest Harry Potter book was about 250,000), this is Moore’s second novel, and, like his first (Voice of the Fire) it will deal with various interconnected events throughout thousands of years, all pertaining to the region of Northampton, England. Also, and no pressure here, Moore claims that the book will disprove the existence of death. So it’s got that going for it, which is nice.


Act of Faith/Jimmy’s End
What the sweet, fancy Glycon is this, you say? Alan Moore is writing films? Apparently so, and apparently they blend occult and noir themes. Too good to be true? Well, they are short films, and they are unlikely to see general release, and they are directed by a still photographer (the guy who shot the photo book for Unearthing), so they may end up being a bit modest, but on the up side, they are really happening. Act of Faith has already been completed and Jimmy’s End is in the works. Both are premiering at The Creators Project in New York City this October.

So what’s got you most excited? What could you not care less about?

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