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Marvel Gives the Axe to 9 Titles This October

Marvel Gives the Axe to 9 Titles This October

When Comic Book Resources posted Marvel’s comic book solicitations for October 2012, many fans were shocked to see that the publisher would be canceling nine of their titles once their Marvel NOW! initiative takes effect. The cancellation of comic book series, sometimes en masse, isn’t anything new, but ones featuring Marvel’s cash cows like Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America is certainly a cause for alarm. Is this really the end for the heavy-hitters of the Marvel Universe or is it something else entirely?

Once the dust settles from the tumultuous events of the “Avengers Vs. X-Men,” crossover event, nine titles will be subject to cancellations as a result of the new status quo established by the Marvel NOW! initiative:

1) Captain America #19
2) Fantastic Four #611
3) FF #23
4) The Incredible Hulk #15
5) The Invincible Iron Man #527
6) New Mutants #50
7) The Mighty Thor #22
8) Uncanny X-Men #20
9) X-Men Legacy #275

It goes without saying that major titles such as Captain America, Fantastic Four and The Invincible Iron Man will not be canceled completely. It’s trademark comic book industry hyperbole to drum up the fact that these titles will most likely start with new #1 issues in an effort to get more readers on board their big name titles.

According to Comic Book Movie, these titles will indeed be getting new creative teams sure to get you excited. It’s been rumored that fan-favorite Uncanny X-Men scribe Kieron Gillen will be teaming with Greg Land on The Invincible Iron Man. And Rick Remender and John Romita Jr. will be taking the reins of Captain America. Remember, this is still heresay at the present moment, but we’ll find out for sure come San Diego Comic-Con this weekend.

Not every title is going to make the cut with new #1s, however, with the final fates of long-running spin-off  titles like New Mutants and X-Men Legacy somewhat foggy. But it’s likely we won’t be seeing them on the shelves due to the sweeping and lasting changes that will be made to the X-Universe post-“AvX.”

Are any of your favorites getting canceled?

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