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Neil Gaiman Has 5 New Books on the Way!

Neil Gaiman Has 5 New Books on the Way!

We're all versed in the classic literary conflicts—Man Vs. Society, Man Vs. Self, Man Vs. Food, etc.—but with Chu's Day, the first of five (!) pending releases from Neil Gaiman via a recent deal with HarperCollins Children's Books, some shine will finally fall on the long underrated genre of Panda Vs. Sneeze.

Neil "God" Gaiman has already published 13 books with HarpCol Children's (including Coraline and the Graveyard Book,) but his recent deal will provide the world with two new picture books and three middle-grade novels, Publisher's Weekly reports. Chu's Day, the first release slated for January 8, 2013, is a picture book starring a panda who struggles to muster his massive snot rockets. Illustrator Adam Rex recently posted the cover art on his blog (among other images of a happ'nin animal cafe floating around the web,) and, yep, it looks like a Pixar flick begging to happen.

Chu will star in both of Neil's pending picture books, but his three new novels will feature new and familiar faces alike. HarpCol describes the first pending novel, Fortunately, The Milk, as "an ode to the pleasure and wonders of storytelling, " and Neil is relieved that his daughters "laughed in all the right places." Marvel comic artist Skottie Young is signed on to illustrate.

Also on the way is a sequel to Neil's Norse fairytale Odd and the Frost Giants, and an as yet unnamed middle-grade standalone.

There's not much else to say right now but "YAAAAAAAAAY!!!" Here's to hoping HBO gets cracking on that promised American Gods adaptation by 2013 so we need never suffer a Gaiman gap again.

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