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VIDEO: Star Wars That I Used to Know

VIDEO: Star Wars That I Used to Know

That’s right! True fans of Star Wars are getting a dose of validation, and it feels so good. This is a spoof on Gotye’s “Somebody I Used to Know” music video, mourning the so-called “prequels” to one of the best science fiction trilogies in cinematic history. Yes, I said TRILOGY. Why? Because “hexalogy” is just plain stupid.

Seven reasons why this video is amazing:

  • Vader’s Lament

What better way to open than with this perspective? Sure, the fans are upset about what the prequels did to his character, but no one could be hurt more than Vader himself. If you were Emperor Palpatine’s favorite badass henchman, and they reduced you to a brooding teen with bad hair, you’d be sad too. Speaking of bad hair...

  • The Padawan Braid

Because obviously, it looks soooo cool. And totally masculine. And not at all like a rat tail from the 1980s. Everyone knows nerdy girls everywhere can’t resist Jedi mind tricks from a man who braids his hair. OBVIOUSLY.

  • The lyric about the “subpar actors”

This is perhaps the most infamous offense to purists. We love our dear Lord Vader, and watching his image botched by two whiny little boys was nothing short of abhorrent. Hayden Christensen shall never be forgiven for his crimes against geekdom.

  • Fake George Lucas

The only thing better than Vader’s lament is George “Kimbra” Lucas and his sorry excuses, complete with the Kimbra shoulder roll.

  • Gotye Video Imitation

We’re loving the shot for shot replication of the Gotye video. All humor aside, that requires some serious patience. No easy task considering all that painting and standing there naked.

  • Calling Us Out

Sadly we ARE all addicted to “an overuse of graphics,” so the audience must bear a bit of responsibility as well. All too often we’re guilty of forgoing a good story for the sake of cheap spectacle. Oh, you know it’s true. Otherwise how could Michael Bay even have a career? What happened to the good old days of claymation, puppetry, and model starships?

  • The Stab at Midiclorians

Hey, remember when we all thought the Force wasn’t cool enough and needed a solid scientific explanation? Yeah, me neither. Thanks for sucking all the mystery out of it, George!

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Where do you stand on the prequels versus the new Star Wars movies?

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