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SDCC: IDW Publishing's Battle Plan for G.I. Joe

SDCC: IDW Publishing's Battle Plan for G.I. Joe

Atten-shun, Masterminds! The IDW Publishing panel has been generating plenty of buzz regarding the comic publisher's plethora of titles featuring the Transformers, but there's also plenty of heavy-duty action firing on all cylinders from the line of G.I. Joe titles featuring the team itself and everyone's favorite ninja and man of few words: Snake Eyes! Trust us, you'll want to be privy to all of this amazing intel!

The reporters at TFormers received a plethora of exciting news regarding what's in store for the Joe team.

G.I. Joe (Ongoing)

Writer: Chuck Dixon/Artist: Will Rosado

So far G.I. Joe has been combating a barrage of attacks not only on foreign soil but those on the public relations front in their titular series. After failing to stop the new Cobra Commander's takeover of the Southeast Asian country of Nanzhao during the "Cobra Command" crossover arc, G.I. Joe's budget has been curtailed significantly and Cobra is secretly pulling the strings of a vicious smear campaign designed to out the team's existence and incite a feeling of distrust towards them in the U.S. and abroad. IDW promises that this story will conclude within issues #15 and #16 of the series.

Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow

Writer: Chuck Dixon/Artist: Atilio Rojo

After the events of "Cobra Command," G.I. Joe's resident ninja Snake Eyes formed an alliance with his erstwhile enemy, Cobra's own ninja Storm Shadow, and the entire Arashikage ninja clan to undertake a clandestine mission that could jeopardize his standing with the team if discovered: assassinate the new Cobra Commander! IDW guarantees that the story will thicken and the ninja action will rev up!


Writer: Mike Costa/Artist: Antonio Fuso and Werther Dell'Edera

A few members of G.I. Joe establish a secret base of operations in Las Vegas, Nevada and reluctantly find themselves working with embittered ex-Cobra operative Tomax Paoli. But their attitude toward him changes when Tomax divulges a crucial lead that can spell the end for Cobra: the previous Cobra Commander had a son and he might carry with him sensitive information about the organization. IDW stated that issues #15 and #16 will contain major revelations, hopefully pertaining to the role the Commander's son will play in the series.

"Target: Snake Eyes"

Writer: Chuck Dixon/Artist: Will Rosado and Alex Cal

An all-new six part crossover event that will take place within the pages of G.I. Joe and Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow. No word on the premise, but we're betting it has to do with G.I. Joe discovering Snake Eyes' alliance with Storm Shadow.

"Oktober is Coming"

IDW presented a cryptic teaser image with the words "Oktober is coming." No word on the creative team or whether this is a crossover event or a new G.I. Joe series all its own. What we do know is that new characters will be introduced.

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

Continuing from the classic G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero comic series of the '80s and early '90s, series writer Larry Hama revealed that issues #180 and #181 will send G.I. Joe on a mission to one of the darkest, most dangerous places on Earth: San Diego Comic-Con! According to Comic Book Resources' interview with Hama, G.I. Joe gets word that a sinister exchange of nuclear arms codes is taking place on the convention floor, with the crowds and excitement providing the perfect cover for Cobra's insidious scheme—and giving G.I. Joe a headache! Hama also revealed that a new villain would be introduced during this story arc.

Are you excited about IDW's G.I. Joe reveals?

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