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MindHut at Comic-Con: NTSF Panel Drops Huge List of Guest Stars, Screens New Episode

MindHut at Comic-Con: NTSF Panel Drops Huge List of Guest Stars, Screens New Episode

Hopefully you guys all read and enjoyed our interview with The League star Paul Scheer a few days ago. If you did, you know that Paul also heads up Adult Swim's 15-minute action send-up NTSF:SD:SUV:: (or National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle::). On Friday, Scheer and most of his castmates screened a new episode at the San Diego Comic-Con. Here's what we learned.

-The new episode screened was called "Comic-Conflict," and it takes place at the convention. The plot: a terrorist group called FANBOYS has been killing off comic book writers who change their favorite characters too drastically. Next on the list: the writer of Lucifurious, who's turned his demonic superhero into a Broadway musical. This episode was, of course, hilarious, and featured guest appearances from SNL's Bill Hader and The Dictator's Jason Mantzoukas. Look for it to air in the fall on Adult Swim.

-The NTSF crew will visit their Alaskan branch (CANOE::) this season, so those of us who love hearing Alphonse talk about his homeland will finally get to experience it in the show.

-Martin Starr (Sam on the show, also a main character in the popular Party Down) will be getting his own NTSF spin-off some time in the near future. Nothing was explicitly stated, but it looks like it involves time travel and lots of women.

-Paul Scheer stated that the show has a super-quick shooting schedule; they knock out 13 episodes in 20 days. Even though each episode is only 11 minutes long, that's pretty intense.

-The Q&A was mock-interrupted by Rob Huebel, star of Children's Hospital and former Human Giant partner. Huebel asked why he couldn't be on the show more. At that point Scheer revealed that Rob would be playing Piper's ex-husband next season in a Kill Bill-style episode.

-Finally, here is a giant list of people Scheer confirmed would be on NTSF next season:

  • Ray Liotta. The cast confirmed that this was an intense working experience. When he found out the show was only 11 minutes long, he said to the producer "We gotta get you more minutes."
  • Aziz Ansari. The Parks & Rec favorite will play "The Toucher," who can see the future, but only if he rubs the shoulders of 12-year-old boys.
  • Max Greenfield. This New Girl actor will be the star of a Twilight-esque Frankenstein movie.
  • Alan Tudyk
  • Ellie Kemper
  • Bob Odenkirk
  • Aubrey Plaza
  • Ed Helms
  • Steven Williams. One of the officers from the original 21 Jump Street, he'll play Alphonse's dad.
  • Hal Lyndon. TV's Barney Miller and now an 81-year-old man, Lyndon has a make-out scene with Rebecca Romijn somehow.
  • Michael Gross. The dad from Family Ties will play Paul Scheer's dad on the show. Scheer said that Gross gives "the best hug you'll ever get."
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