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VIDEO: Dark Knight Rises 13 Minute Featurette

VIDEO: Dark Knight Rises 13 Minute Featurette

Knowing full well that hardcore Batman geeks everywhere are foaming at the mouth with anticipation for the soon to be released Dark Knight Rises, the camp at Syncopy Films recently released this thirteen minute featurette jam packed with amazing behind the scenes footage and insights into the final installment of Christopher Nolan's epic saga. It offers the most thorough glimpse yet into everything from DKR's story elements to the fantastically rendered sets and action sequences.

Eight years after The Dark Knight we find Bruce Wayne has become somewhat of a recluse, damaged psychologically from the events of our previous installment. Having taken the blame for Two Faces' actions, his reputation has been tarnished, but he is finally coaxed to come out of hiding as a new enemy terrorizes the city. This mysterious nemesis is, of course, Bane, played with intensity by the hulking Tom Hardy, who points out that Bane is unique in the pantheon of Dark Knight foes for being the first to actually surpass Batman's physical prowess. This little factoid is exciting, because it pretty much guarantees that we're in store for at least a few knock-down-drag-out fights between the two that will surpass any of the hand to hand combat seen inside the first two films.

We get keen insight into not only the film, but Nolan's process, as well as the ensemble's take on their characters and what it's like to work with a craftsman such as Nolan. Nolan over the years has become somewhat like Wes Anderson, in that he tends to cast many of the same actors film to film. Returning from the cast of Inception, here are new characters played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, Marion Cotillard, and, of course Tom Hardy, as well as series regular Michael Caine. This provides a charming contrast to the epic scale of the picture; as grand as its ambitions are, it still maintains a family like quality in this respect.

The film's true scope is revealed here, and it's staggering. Many filmmakers these days would be content to rely heavily on CGI to accomplish many of the effects, but Nolan takes every opportunity possible to achieve his vision without it. This means we have several stunning set pieces with literally thousands upon thousands of extras and meticulously crafted sets that are among some of the most elaborate ever captured on film. In one amazing time lapse sequence in particular, we get to see the new Bat Cave as it's being erected. We also get an in depth look at all of the awesome new costumes and vehicles DKR has to offer, including the incredible "BAT", an enormous flying contraption that is possibly it's most impressively designed method of transport to date.

For us, though, the highlights of this featurette are hearing the frank confessions of geekyness from the actors themselves. Hardy reveals at one point that after seeing Christian Bale in the makeup chair there was a three year old within him that couldn't help but think "That's Batman!" And Bale himself even remarks that every time he puts on the suit. he is still overcome with chills.

It's time to get stoked, folks, because if this short is any indication, Dark Knight Rises is set to be an explosive ending to one of our favorite trilogies ever!

Are you guys as excited as WE ARE!?

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