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MindHut at Comic-Con: IDW Transformers Panel Talks Dinobots, Equates Cybertron with Detroit

MindHut at Comic-Con: IDW Transformers Panel Talks Dinobots, Equates Cybertron with Detroit

Thursday at the San Diego Comic-Con, IDW talent from numerous titles came together to let fans in on upcoming plans for their Transformers comics. Here's what they had to say:

-August will be "Dinobot Month" in the Transformers books. Grimlock will appear in More Than Meets the Eye (how'd he get into outer space?), while the rest of his team will pop up back on Cybertron in Robots in Disguise. In the latter, we'll finally explore the wild world outside of Cybertron's one remaining city.

-Speaking of Dinobots, IDW also plans to release a Transformers: Prime comic to tie in with the popular cartoon. This book will feed directly into the third season of the series and be called "Rage of the Dinobots." Here, we'll see that the Dinobots have been left behind on Cybertron even after most other robots have abandoned it; they're meant to be the Autobots' last bastion of defense. TF: Prime writer Mairghread Scott referred to this comic as her ode to Detroit, explaining that to her mind Cybertron isn't totally abandoned, it's just that everyone has given up on it. That's a pretty terrifying way to conceptualize Detroit. In response, someone asked whether that means the Dinobots are Eminem from that Superbowl car commercial.

-It was revealed that Transformers: Prime takes place in the same continuity as the War for/Fall of Cybertron video games, a timeline some previously released Transformers novels fit into as well. Hasbro director of global publishing Michael Kelly said that the company's intent is "to build a world in which you guys can play on multiple levels."

-More Fall of Cybertron news: the upcoming game will receive a comic adaptation from IDW. It will also enjoy a 6-part digital prequel from Robots in Disguise writer John Barber and artist Dheeraj Verma. Each chapter of this prequel will cost 99 cents through IDW's digital store or Comixology.

-In September, both More Than Meets the Eye and Robots in Disguise will release annuals that tie together. This two-part story will be called "Primus" and will analyze Transformers legends and religious beliefs, something we've yet to spend a lot of time with in these new comics. They may also show that some of the things our heroes have taken as superstition are actually true.

-Fun trivia: During a Q&A session, classic TF writer Flint Dille revealed that in the '80s he hung out with Gary Gygax (creator of Dungeons & Dragons) and the two came up with rules for a Transformers miniatures game. Sadly, we will probably never see this game.

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