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The MindHut Guide to Dark Knight Toys

The MindHut Guide to Dark Knight Toys

“Where does he get all those wonderful toys?” asked Jack Nicholson's Joker in Batman (1989).

A pertinent question, indeed! But you don’t have to be as rich as Bruce Wayne to afford the latest action figures released in anticipation of The Dark Knight Rises. We’ll be taking a look at a variety of styles involved from cutesy to downright frightening in this round-up of the most popular Bat-toys ever!

Cosbaby Batman, Bane, and Catwoman from Hot Toys

Why, aren't these just the cutest lil villains and Caped Crusader you ever did see! While the style may not be for everyone, it’s always nice to see a new take on classic characters. Even if it includes Mickey Mouse shoes.

The Batman DX Sixth Scale from Hot Toys

Holy realism, Batman! Jumping to the other end of the spectrum, it’s hard to believe this model is made by the same company. This super-realistic figure comes with interchangeable heads, hands, a light up gun, mines, Batarangs, a whopping 32 points of articulation and much, much more! It carries a hefty price tag at $259.99 but come on, a toy with its own toys? Clearly the best Batman on the market.

Batman and Bane from Mattel (4 inches)

These are more basic mass-market figures, easily found in Target or Wal-Mart. While Batman’s suit has some decent sculpting, it’s basically the same figure we’ve seen for two other movies. Bane is new, but lacks any detail on his outfit or mask. Both of them come with a few accessories but most importantly, the price is right at only six bucks each.

Batman, Bane, Catwoman, and Alfred from Mattel (6 inches)

What a difference two inches can make! These models showcase detailed sculpting and painting on the entire set. Plus, if you collect them all, you can build-and-connect a working Bat-signal! Alfred wins best likeness, though how many kids really want to play with the old, wise butler in a suit? While it’s rumored that the fifth figure will be John Blake, played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, the company has so far kept the identity of the sixth and final figure a mystery.

Mr. Potato Head Batman Spud from Mattel

The Dark Spud is one tough potato. He’s packing the Dark Knight’s armor, cowl, cape, and Batarang! But who are his enemies? The Peel-guin? Two-Fries? No… Mash Al Ghul! Note to readers: more glorious Batman/potato puns are encouraged in the comments!

Batman, Bane, and Catwoman Sixth Scale Statues from DC Collectibles

If you care less about accessories and articulation and just want a solid representation of these iconic characters on your shelf, these statues are for you. All three pieces feature movie-accurate sculpts and paint jobs. Batman is looking as heroic as ever with beautiful texturing on the cape. Bane is perfectly frozen in a moment of pure taunting badassery. Catwoman’s kneeling pose is a little weird, but a sneaky thief would be creeping along, even in stilettos, right?

So, remember folks, the next time you ask for some Batman goodies, it’s a good idea to be specific.

Which Dark Knight Rises merchandise is on your wish list?

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