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TRAILER: The Man With The Iron Fists

TRAILER: The Man With The Iron Fists

Aside from Quentin Tarantino, there isn't any American artist who has done more to re-popularize the genre of the marital arts films than the one and only Wu-Tang clan. So diehard fans of authentic Kung-fu flicks should be mopping their drool off the floor right about now, because the two have joined forces for the upcoming Man With the Iron Fists!

The Kill Bill scribe serves as producer here, with the one and only RZA directing and co-writing, along with Tarantino's trusty sidekick Eli Roth. Fans may recall that RZA and QT previously collaborated on Kill Bill together with RZA's mind bending beats (sampled from an array of old school kung fu classics) serving as the soundtrack to all of Kill Bill's over the top carnage. What we have here, though, seems to be a far more traditional take on the genre than Kill Bill, with a look that harkens back to the classic era of Hong Kong martial arts cinema brought to us by the undisputed kings of the genre, the Shaw Brothers. Anyone who's listened to just a song or two of the Wu-Tang Clan's discography probably knows that this film must be a dream come true for RZA, who after a lifetime of sampling from these martial arts classics, is finally making one of his own.

There's much that's unexpected in this trailer (yes that's Russell Crowe!) and for those steeped in the genre, there's lots of little Easter eggs containing shout-outs to some of the best old school martial arts fair, like Master of the Flying Guillotine, and of course, the Thirty-Sixth Chamber of Shaolin. In fact, many of Hong Kong's most beloved Kung-Fu stars of the old and new school are here, like Chia Hui Liu, Daniel Wu, and Cung Le. Now if any of these names or references are a little out of your purview, don't worry, we're just here to tell you that their involvement means that this flick is going to be a must see for even casual fans of the genre.

So, if you're even half the kung fu geek we are, this movie is sure to have you doing spin kicks across your bedroom!

What's your favorite Kung Fu movie?

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