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VIDEOS: "Dark Knight" From Around the World

VIDEOS: "Dark Knight" From Around the World

How to get a sneak peak at Batman? Try foreign trailers.

Spoiler alert: Nothing is really spoiled.

American movies get screened all over the world, but when it comes to advertising, every country is a little different. When Austen Powers II: The Spy Who Shagged Me showed up in Britain, people protested, because the title sounded raunchy to English ears. The posters and trailers we see in the U.S. sometimes get a makeover before they show up in foreign movieplexes. And sometimes they just look completely different.

Recently, a trailer debuted on the Internet for The Dark Knight Rises—in Mandarin:

Nearly 300,000 people spotted it right away. Because Dark Knight has enjoyed some of the most intense viral marketing of all time, and people are rabid for sneak-peaks, fans will scour any trailer they can find for footage not shown in the U.S. For the most part, this Dark Knight trailer is pretty familiar. There's a smaller stadium explosion, a guy running through a watery tunnel, and Morgan Freeman intoning, "Nothing like a little air of superiority." At this point, it's hard to tell what images are new and what has already been leaked.

We're of the opinion that Catwoman sounds far creepier in German:

And a French Commissioner Gordon sounds downright sweet:

And to recap, nothing could make the Joker sound more manic than hearing him in Italian:

(Could Roberto Benigni play the Joker in the future? On second thought, ignore that question).

Overall, Christopher Nolan has done an incredible job of keeping his story a secret. And since the best part of any Chris Nolan movie is the incredible labyrinth of plot-twists, this covert operation is definitely for the best. The movie had a slew of "working titles," so that actors and extras would confuse any civilians trying to listen in (names ranged from Magnus Rex to Arkham). Keeping essential scenes from leaking into the YouTubesphere has been a top priority.

So whether you know him as "El Caballero de la Noche" (Mexico), "Le Chevalier Noir" (France), or Kara sövalye (Turkey), the Dark Knight's gonna look fresh and new come Friday. Hold onto your capes.

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