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TRAILER: The Walking Dead Season 3 - SPOILERS!

TRAILER: The Walking Dead Season 3 - SPOILERS!

Head’s up, Masterminds! Who’s dying for more The Walking Dead Season Three info?  We’ve just watchedThe Walking Dead Season Three trailer that premiered at Comic-Con and it is super intense! You should too. Here it is:

The tag line for Season Three is “Fight the dead. Fear the living”, and judging from what we saw in the trailer, that’s a deadly accurate summation of the coming season.

In the opening scenes of the trailer we discover that Michonne and Andrea are still separated from Team Rick. Upon meeting the women, The Governor comments, “Hard to believe you ladies lasted so long out there.” Clearly the dude has never seen Michonne wield some deadly katana action. Later on Michonne tells Andrea she doesn’t trust him. The audience is definitely given the impression that The Governor is someone who gets his kicks messing with people’s minds.

In last season’s finale when we saw Team Rick was about to discover the prison, a lot of viewers saw it as new shelter for the group. During the trailer, Rick tells his team “this prison is ours.” However, the prison may not turn out to be the safe haven the group thinks it is. It’s not simply a case of the group moseying up to the prison doors and claiming it as their own. During a scene in the trailer when Team Rick are fighting off Walkers, Rick yells, “If anyone breaks ranks, we could all go down.” Like anything else in this post-apocalyptic world anything our gang want, they have to fight for it. As fans of the show know, this fighting is never without collateral damage. Later on during a tense scene with the Governor, Rick tells him, “I’m not giving up this prison... if we see you anywhere near our people, I’ll kill you”.

Like that old chestnut, “If it looks to good to be true, it probably is,” Woodbury, the town where the prison is, looks picture perfect. Combine this with The Governor’s malicious motivations and we get the distinct sense that there’s something seriously rotten in Woodbury, and Team Rick are going to uncover exactly how rotten.

The most exciting/scary part of the trailer doesn’t come until the final seconds. It’s Merle Dixon and he’s got a fancy new weapon—a bayonet attached to his now hand-less right arm. If viewers thought Merle was totally crazy in Season 1, we’re thinking that having to cut off his right hand and do the whole zombie apocalypse survival thing all by his lonesome has made him even crazier. We’re not going to tell you what he says, but we will say that we wouldn’t want to be the person in Merle’s crosshairs. Speaking of Merle, the trailer for the new The Walking Dead video game is now online, and it looks just as intense and awesome as the show.

Season 3 looks to be relentlessly intense, and that is exactly the direction fans have been dying for the show to go. This season is shaping up to be the best and bloodiest, and the season premiere this October just can’t get here fast enough.

Do you think the much faster, intense pace of Season 3 will reenergize the show?

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