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Our Top Five Predictions for The Dark Knight Rises

Our Top Five Predictions for The Dark Knight Rises

With The Dark Knight Rises coming out tomorrow, fans are going wild with speculation about Bane, Catwoman, and whatever caused that football field to collapse. Here we bring you our best guesses for the epic levels of awesome the closing chapter of Christopher Nolan's saga will bring upon us.

5. Harvey Dent Exposed

There is only one way the citizens of Gotham will rally to Batman’s side again: the truth about Harvey Dent must come out. At the end of The Dark Knight, Batman chooses to take the fall for Harvey’s killing spree as Two-Face, allowing people to remember Dent as the hero. Batman knew it was more important to sacrifice his own image than to tarnish Harvey’s, because well, he's Batman and he always knows what to do. Bane may uncover this uncomfortable truth about Harvey Dent, causing Gotham's citizens to turn against the police officials for hiding it. Bane stands to gain an army of followers, and Batman will be forced to come out of hiding to set things right. In fact, that just might have been Bane’s plan all along.

4. The War

The trailers make it no secret that Gotham City will lose two bridges, which will make it much more difficult for citizens to evacuate. With no help coming, distrust and fear will cloud people’s minds and they will look to anyone for leadership, even Bane’s weird tube face! In Batman Begins, the Scarecrow’s fear toxin turned the Narrows into a chaotic nightmare. Now, imagine that engulfing ALL of Gotham. Given the emphasis on urging Gotham to wreck itself, it may well be revealed that Ra’s Al Ghul has had a hand in this plan.

3. Catwoman discovers the Bat-Cave

If you were an extremely ambitious jewel thief looking for a challenge, where would you go? Uh, perhaps that multi-million dollar mansion outside of town known as Wayne Manor? Bruce and Alfred are probably up to their necks in cashmere toilet paper and Hope diamond paperweights, and Catwoman knows it. After sneaking into the enormous mansion, Catwoman might accidentally stumble upon the entrance to the Bat-Cave. Learning of Bruce’s after-hours activities will either solidify her affection for the Batman, or grant her the most powerful weapon to take him down: knowledge of his identity.

2. Bane kills Bruce Wayne

If you’re a fan of the comics, you know that Bane is a substantial threat. Not only the biggest physical opponent in Batman’s entire rogues gallery, he’s also one of the smartest, having spent his life studying the strategies of military heroes. He knows a direct attack on Batman would prove futile so he perhaps he will destroy Arkham Asylum instead, freeing hundreds of dangerous psychopaths to wear Batman down. Once Bruce flees to the safety of Wayne Manor, Bane will be there waiting, having already deduced his identity. We can only hope our beloved Alfred gets out in time!

1. John Blake becomes the new Batman

Christopher Nolan’s Bat-verse is ruled by one central law: a symbol is stronger than any one man. If Batman is defeated, what will the people of Gotham have left to believe in? By having a newcomer don the cape and cowl, Batman becomes literally immortal. Bruce Wayne may die, but the hero he created can live forever as long as there are good men willing to commit themselves to the Bat-cause. John Blake, played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, will prove himself worthy of the title and will become Commissioner Gordon’s latest ally in the war on crime. Long live the Caped Crusader!

What are your predictions for The Dark Knight Rises?

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