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The 9 Most Memorable Evil Movie Minions

The 9 Most Memorable Evil Movie Minions

Oh, evil minions. How we love you, even though your stupidity, bad luck, and lack of aiming skills never cease to amaze us. When you died because you failed your masters for the last time, we did shed a tear. We did.

Here's our most memorable movie minions:

1. Battle Droids: Star Wars Episodes 1, 2, and 3. Snarky attitudes, landline-phone-shaped heads, terrible fighting skills, and a lack of resolve to shoot the stupid Jedi instead of saying "you're under arrest!" or "hands up!" made these guys just as memorable lightsaber-fodder as their counterparts in the later saga.

2. Flotsam and Jetsam: The Little Mermaid. The Most Loved Minions award goes to these guys. Whereas most other villains couldn't stand or simply didn't care about their minions, Ursula the Sea Witch loved her "poopsies" and their death was what caused her freakish gigantitransformation, which you might call #ragequit #cheatcodes #dominate.

3. Black Riders/Nazgul/Nine Riders: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King. Most people think of minions as weak or stupid, and while these frightening, screeching creatures were nearsighted, they were nowhere near powerless.

4. Gru's "Cousins": Despicable Me. Probably one of the best things about that movie; in the very least, wonderful enough to get us a little excited about another one.

5. Flying Monkeys: The Wizard of Oz. They freaked us out when we were kids, and let's all admit it; they still kinda freak us out. I mean, crossbreeding monkeys with pelicans is worse than Saruman's orc/man crossbreed in LoTR.

6. Snake Walker: The Muppet Movie. With his pitchfork gun and his strange flat-brimmed fedora, head sock, and sunglasses combo, this guy was the one baddie in The Muppet Movie the Muppets had to actually look out for.

7. Bob: Batman. We think the Joker's henchman Bob in Tim Burton's 1989 Batman had some sort of unfulfilled greatness about him. Unfulfilled, we say, because the Joker shot him near the end. Still.

8. The Ten Rings terrorists: Iron Man. The first people Tony Stark gets to test his suit on. The short and long of their story being, don't be a minion in a superhero movie! You will get destroyed by either the superhero or the supervillain.

9. Mini-Me: Austin Powers. Even though he's not exactly mindless, nor less powerful than Dr. Evil, Mini-Me is no doubt one of the most memorable minions.

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