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Warner Brothers Publishes the Dark Knight Returns Production Notes!

Warner Brothers Publishes the Dark Knight Returns Production Notes!

Warner Brothers did something pretty amazing: they decided to make the production notes from TDKR available for public download on the movies' website! We read the whole thing (and at fifty pages, that's no small feat). but fear not dear Masterminds! We locked one of our techno-scribes in the bowels of our deepest darkest dungeon and refused to let them out until they had forced the document to surrender it's secrets. And here is what it unearthed:

*WARNING: This contains minor spoilers. Nothing game changing, but if you don't want to know anything about this movie going in, then don't read this.

1. This movie must be seen in IMAX.

You know, as if you needed to be convinced to see this in crystal clear, squeaky clean big screen IMAX technology. But if you were wavering, quit it. You won't regret it. "Having shot almost half the picture with large-format IMAX film cameras, it is very important to me that we show 'The Dark Knight Rises' in the IMAX film format whenever possible," said Nolan.

2. Bane is going to be the toughest villain Batman has ever faced.

Bane promises to be more of a physical and intellectual threat than Batman has faced before. In the comics, only Bane has bested Batman in a straight up fight. "Bane has come to do a job and has no feelings of remorse or shame about the death and destruction he's causing. There is nothing ambiguous about Bane. He is clearly a villain... just a horrible piece of work," says Tom Hardy.

3. Two new characters will make a big impact.

The first is a young, idealistic detective named John Blake, who will bring some new energy alongside weathered veteran Commissioner Gordon. "John Blake is the kind of guy who probably always wanted to be a cop and dedicates himself to being excellent at his job. He is someone who believes in what he does and I admire that in anybody. In the midst of a lot of cynicism, he remains proud to be a police officer," says Joseph Gordon-Levitt while describing his role.

Miranda Tate, played by Marion Cotillard, is the second: more of an ally to Bruce Wayne than to Batman, she helps him resist a hostile corporate takeover. “She is looked at by Alfred and Lucius as a woman who could perhaps bring Bruce out of his own exile and remind him that there is more to life than sitting alone in the Batcave. Marion has an incredibly appealing presence with an exotic glamour. She brought a combination of warmth and wisdom to Miranda that provides a great sense of hope for Bruce,” said Nolan.


Of course, Wayne Manor and thus Batcave were destroyed in the first movie. But in his self-imposed exile, Batman rebuilt Wayne Manor, and thus the production team needed to come up with their own take on the legendary Batcave! In the production notes, "Nathan Crowley, who teamed with fellow production designer Kevin Kavanaugh on this film, explains, 'Chris and I pondered how to mix the Batcave and the Bat-Bunker, which is incredibly geometric and modern and everything is cleanly recessed into the walls. It occurred to us that we could carry over the same idea by flooding the Batcave so everything is hidden underwater. When you enter, it’s just a cave, but you press a button and up come these perfect cubes that hold different objects, from the Batsuit to a super computer.'"

5. The score is going to be off the freaking chain.

You know that chanting music from the trailer that sent shivers down your spine? Well, that's part of Bane's score. And to come up with that, Hans Zimmer told all of his fans to submit their own chant. He received thousands of submissions. Then he cunningly MOLDED ALL OF THOSE SUBMISSIONS INTO ONE CHANT, as a way to "give something back to the fans and let them be a real part of this world."

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