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Let's Talk About the Tragedy in Colorado

Let's Talk About the Tragedy in Colorado

As you've probably heard, a 24-year-old named James Holmes opened fire at a showing of The Dark Knight in Aurora, Colorado last night. He timed it to coincide with a shooting scene in the movie. Twelve people are dead, and at least 38 are injured, according to the New York Times. You can listen to an eyewitness account of the tragedy here.

This is a sickening and scary story. It feels like it could have happened to any of us—we were all excited about The Dark Knight premiere, and most of us were planning to see it this weekend in crowded theaters. The tragedy also brings up terrible memories of what happened in Columbine, which is only half an hour away from Aurora.

How are you feeling about what happened? Are you worried something like this could happen where you live? Do stories like this make you think about gun laws, or about the mental illness of the shooter? Let's talk about it.

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