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Rumor We Wish Were True: Bill Murray's Party Crashing Tour

Rumor We Wish Were True: Bill Murray's Party Crashing Tour

Attention, Bill Murray fans: the latest buzz online says that Dr. Peter Venkman might crash a party near you! Which, when considering the quirky actor’s history of dropping in on random NYC fetes to chill and sing karaoke, is technically possible. But not probable.

Multiple sources, including the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed, have reported several separate incidents over the past few years in which the beloved actor has dropped by parties unannounced. While crashing the shindigs and gigs of everyday folk he doesn’t know, Murray has reportedly been very chill, sometimes even busting a move on the dance floor and doing karaoke duets with fans. Which makes this release by superofficialnews the Internet rumor we most want to be true.

Superofficialnews, a website similar to The Onion, posted an article complete with quotes from Murray’s manager (Murray doesn’t have a manager) saying that since he had so much fun party crashing in the past, the Rushmore star decided to tour the country and make random stops only at houses with posted signs that read: “Bill Murray Can Crash Here.”

The website also initially released a “Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour” schedule, complete with tour dates, locations, and a phone number to call for info or updates. The page has since been taken down, and it was reported that the phone number given on the tour schedule was the phone number of a random church! Still, we couldn’t help but bask in the coolness of what might have been: a Bill Murray party crashing tour! Sigh! If only we could make this happen the same way facebookers got Betty White to host SNL!

What do you think of the idea of Bill Murray crashing parties in a town near you?

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