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Top 5 Superman Villains that Should Have Been in A Movie Already, Come On!

Top 5 Superman Villains that Should Have Been in A Movie Already, Come On!

In 1978, the highly anticipated Superman: The Movie was released starring Lex Luthor as the villain. It was followed by the successful sequel featuring General Zod. Decades later, the highly anticipated Superman Returns was released, again featuring Lex Luthor. Next summer, we’ll be getting Zak Snyder’s Man of Steel with…General Zod. You know, there are actually more than TWO villains in the Superman universe. It's obvious Hollywood needs a little inspiration, so we’ve put together the top five Superman villains that should have been in a movie already, come on!

5. Metallo

Admittedly, a Superman movie is incomplete without Lex Luthor. After all, he is the (second) most powerful man in Metropolis and you can bet he's got his fingers in every crime pie in the city. But even if he can’t fight Superman, he's wily enough to create a henchman who can.

Enter Metallo. Once a petty criminal named John Corbin, his brain was put into a robotic body powered by a Kryptonite heart, all under Luthor's watch. Usually caught between missing his human form and becoming intoxicated with his new powers, Metallo has major authority problems and grows quickly weary of taking orders. The creation would eventually outpace the creator, which might even force Luthor and the Man of Steel to team up before Metallo goes mental-lo!.

4. Bizarro

No villain has more origin stories than Bizarro. Sometimes he hails from an alternate dimension where everything is backwards. Sometimes he’s the result of a failed clone of Superman. But whatever the tale, he would make for one great action-oriented villain. He’s literally Superman’s exact equal on a physical level, but so far-gone mentally that there would be no reasoning with him. Oh, and he eats Kryptonite for breakfast. Now, that's what I call Special K!

3. Parasite

Parasite was just a simple-minded guy before he gained the ability to steal powers and memories from anyone he touches. In most versions, he is either in an unlucky lab accident or another LexCorp experiment gone haywire. Regardless, one touch would bring the Man of Steel to his knees and Superman would have to find a way to fight him from a distance, especially since Parasite occasionally gets so charged up that he becomes a gigantic beast concerned only with absorbing more power. His recent appearance in the animated film All-Star Superman is a testament to the potential of a live action version of this character.

2. Brainiac

He’s always been one of Superman’s greatest foes and not just because of his dizzying intellect or complete lack of mercy. No, he was the supercomputer back on Krypton who convinced the council that the planet was doing just fine (you know, before it EXPLODED). In the interest of self-preservation, he delayed the evacuation, giving him a dramatic connection to Superman’s past. I mean, if you had Superman's powers and this jerk exploded your planet, how badly would you want to get your hands on him?

For now, Brainiac has been spending his days traveling from galaxy to galaxy, collecting information on all the civilizations in the universe before annihilating them. Since these worlds are forever etched in Brainiac’s memory banks, Superman is constantly trying to find a way to destroy him while somehow preserving his knowledge and research. Talk about a conflict that writes itself.

1. Darkseid

Darkseid is the all-powerful ruler of the distant planet Apokolips. He’s got legions of super-powered armies at his command, not to mention he’s practically invincible. Superman can barely manage to prevent his attempts to take over Earth, let alone getting close to finishing the demigod himself. This is the guy you would save for your final Superman movie. Unless, you want to go the Doomsday route: do you?

Honorable Mentions:

Mr. Mxyzptlk

An extremely powerful being from another dimension, it'd be fantastic to see this lil guy make it onto the big screen. As much fun as it would be to watch him harass Superman with his chaotic powers, he would be a difficult one to adapt believably to live-action. But not any harder than Nuclear Man, right?

Solomon Grundy

Every time Solomon Grundy dies, he comes back to life with a different personality containing all the knowledge he acquired, making him not only immortal but extremely intelligent. He does not have to eat, sleep, or breathe and every time he is reborn, his strength increases. Your move, Superman.

Which Superman villains have you been dying to see on the big screen?

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