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Top Five Most Wanted Sci-Fi Sequels

Top Five Most Wanted Sci-Fi Sequels

Have you heard? Ghostbusters 3 may be back from the dead yet again. Dan Akroyd let it slip that screenwriter Etan Cohen has been hired to write a script so brilliant, even Bill Murray would say, "I've worked with better, but not many."

The news got us thinking about our other sci-fi favorites, and how much we yearn for new chapters to them. For your Mastermindin' pleasure, here are our top five most wanted sci-fi sequels!

5. Back to the Future IV: Biff's Revenge

Let’s get this one out of the way right off the bat, even if it's practically an impossibility. There are just so many more iconic time periods to visit and let's be real: odds are Biff Tannen has a riled up ancestor in ever one of them.

Just think of the possibilities: since Marty never raced Needles (resulting in his broken hand), everything we learned about the future in Part II can be thrown out the window. Perhaps McFly become a legit rock star instead of ripping off Chuck Berry (or was it the other way around?). Plus, Doc and Clara’s sons Jules and Verne would be almost middle-aged men by now! When your father drags you on road trips through time, what kind of person do you become? With 2015 around the corner, you couldn’t ask for better timing to release a sequel. Somebody call Robert Zemeckis a chicken already, so we can get this thing made.

4. Serenity II: The Alliance Strikes Back

The premature cancellation of Firefly is easily one of the biggest TV screw-ups of all time, and the show has since been validated with a massive cult following. When Serenity magnificently tied up all the loose ends from the series with a tight plot and clever dialogue, the show's fandom was even further cemented. But Joss Whedon, a man with more genius in one booger than most screenwriters have in their whole bodies, had planned for this to be a multi-season show. Surely, he must has many stories of Malcolm Reynolds' rag tag team left to tell. After his success with The Avengers, perhaps he'll finally have the Hollywood clout necessary to bring the beloved cast of Firefly back to the big screen.

3. Unbreakable II: Still Unbreakable

Unbreakable is truly underrated, and remains one of the most realistic superhero movies ever made. Bruce Willis plays David Dunn, a security guard who slowly realizes that he’s... well, unbreakable. With the encouragement of comic book enthusiast Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson), David admits that he’s never broken a bone, had a cold, and that he possesses extraordinary strength. He even has a kind of sixth sense (ha!) for when people are in trouble. Well, it seems that we’ve got the origin movie out of the way, so let's bring on the sequel! Now that David has embraced his abilities, it's time to bring on vigilantism in the streets, with only his young son as a confident. Plus, I’m sure M. Knight Shyamalan would appreciate an opportunity to recover from The Happening. And The Last Airbender. And Lady in the Water. Sigh.

2. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow II: World of Tomorrow-er

What a no-brainer! Sky Captain Joe Sullivan, trusty sidekick Dex, and ace-reporter Polly Perkins are way too awesome to be contained in one movie. We demand more epic adventures from this team, sequels that similarly pay tribute to the golden age of action serials while perfectly capturing the retro-futurist aesthetic. We demand it.

1. The Iron Giant II: Iron Giants

The Iron Giant is the best boy-makes-friends-with-secret-creature movie since E.T: The Extraterrestrial. In the tear-jerker of a conclusion, the Giant heroically sacrifices himself to save his friend and his town. But lo! The final shot reveals the Giant can reassemble himself, even after head-butting a nuclear missile! Okay, so the Giant is alive, but where did he come from? Rumor has it that he was the first scout sent from an entire planet of Iron Giants as a plan to conquer Earth. Clearly the sequel should be about all his robot buddies raining down on our planet, and the Giant's fight to teach them the same lesson of friendship and love Hogarth imparted to him in the original. Cue inevitable tears of joy.

What sci-fi movies do you wish had sequels?

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