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True Blood Recap: Zapping the Fae Away?!

True Blood Recap: Zapping the Fae Away?!

This week’s True Blood was equal parts weird, uncomfortable, and hilarious. Here’s what went down:

Turns out Roman’s really dead. Good thing he had several key scenes and made such huge contributions to the story before his demise. Oh, wait. He didn’t. His early exit makes his character feel more like a gimmicky inclusion rather than the major force we all hoped he would be? Whatta waste!

Eric and Bill learn it was Salome who deceived everyone (duh, guys! We had that one pegged weeks ago!). Salome is pro vampire domination, and she freed Russell because he was the only vamp powerful enough to kill Roman. She asks them if they’re with her. Bill says no, and Eric’s response is unprintable. She tells them she will give them a day to think on it, because there’s a ceremony on the morrow she wants them to attend.

Sook is reeling from being literally lit up by a fairy posse. “Just plug her in and charge her back up,” Jason says. They talk to the fairy bartender, who tells her his family has been looking out for the Stackhouses for a long time. He also tells her that she has to be careful—being a human/fae hybrid, her powers are finite—if she uses them too much, they’ll be gone. Will I be normal, she asks? You’ll “be fae no longer,” he says, which gave us pause the same way Salome did early in the season. There’s something fishy about these fairies.

In an emotional scene that reminded us how much things have changed, Arlene watches her wedding video. We see an in-love Jessica and Hoyt, a still living Jesus with Lafayette, and Terry kissing Arlene’s pregnant belly. Arlene loses it, and is comforted by fellow waitress Holly, who tells her that Terry’s not crazy—he’s PTSD, and there’s a big diff.

Speaking of crazy, Lafayette goes to Don Bartolo’s, which sounds like an Italian restaurant, but is really one of the scariest places on earth—Jesus’ uncle’s house. There, in one of many grimace-and-bear-it scenes, Don Bartolo holds Lafayette at gunpoint, has his mouth stitched shut, and is about to try to extract some brujo magic from Lafayette’s skull when the timid woman of the house stabs him. Like 50 times. The cringes continue when the little missus cuts the sutures on Lafayette’s lips open with a knife, freeing him.

Hoyt, who was taken by the crazies who have been targeting supes, finds all this hatred welcoming. He went to middle school with one of the killers, and seems to believe them when they say there’s more to hate groups than just hate—there’s the bonding that goes with the mutual hatred. Their next target? Jessica. Someone named Dragon, who is obviously in charge of this backwards clan of imbeciles, calls. But who is Dragon? Our money is on one of two dudes who popped up in this ep: the TMI-giving, googly-eyed coroner, or the ex-police chief who hot tubs with other women when his wife’s out of town.

Sam has a convo with Sook, who asks him if he’d change who he is if he could. Would he choose to be normal? It’s important to be who you are, and to speak against those who hate you for it, he says. But a lot of people he loved would still be alive if he weren’t a shifter, he notes, and we can see the gears in Sook’s head turning.

At Fangtasia, Tara’s mother drops by to tell her she’s dead to her—she can’t have a vampire for a daughter. How nice of her! Pam overhears, and comforts Tara. In 100 years, this’ll be nothing, she says. Tara hugs Pam, who actually allows the embrace for a few seconds before ordering Tara back to her pole dancing station.

At Authority Headquarters, Salome insists they drink Lilith’s blood. When an elder chancellor refuses, Russell rips his head off, so Bill and Eric agree, thinking that a little vamp blood won’t hurt them. It drugs them beyond belief, and they strut/stagger through a crowd (where Russell and Steve Newlin flirt—now there’s a duo we’d like to see!) and careen into a private party, where a young woman sings “You Light Up My Life.” Things go from hilarious to terrifying when Russell joins her for a duet before he and the rest of the drugged vamps begin eating everyone. They all see Lilith in a drug-induced vision, but only Eric sees Godric, who appears and tells him this is wrong.

Jason, conflicted about his feelings towards vamps, visits Jessica, who tells him vampires aren’t all alike and kisses him. Jason tastes the blood of the dude she was feeding on and gets angry. They fight, and when she bites him and he shoots her in the head, well, we know their romance is close to over. He leaves and sees a light show in the sky—it’s Sookie, hand-zapping, trying to rid herself of her fairy powers!

What did you think of this week’s chaos-filled episode?

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