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Man of Steel Trailers Debut; Superman Gets Nolan Facelift

Man of Steel Trailers Debut; Superman Gets Nolan Facelift

Those of us who went to Dark Knight Rises this weekend—probably almost everybody—likely caught one of two nearly identical trailers for next summer's blockbuster release from Warner Bros. and DC Comics, Man of Steel. Now that Christopher Nolan has closed his Batman trilogy, he's moved into producing this reboot of the Superman franchise for Warner Bros., with director Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300, Sucker Punch) at the helm. Though Snyder's track record has caused many fans to pause, these teases definitely look like something cool.


The only difference between them is who's talking—in one it's Clark Kent's Earthbound dad Jonathan (Kevin Costner), while in the other it's his Kryptonian father Jor-El (Russell Crowe). Each narration seems to strike right to the core of the Superman concept, the story of an alien desperately trying to be human yet trying to make all of humanity better in the process. Crowe's Jor-El especially seems spot-on, a nice compromise between the gravity of Marlon Brando's classic take on the role and Crowe's own stylings.

The trailers don't give much of a hint at a plot, other than it looks like Clark's going to take a vacation from his powers and attempt to reconnect with humanity (working on a fishing boat, hitchhiking, etc.). We can probably trust that we're in good hands with screenwriter David Goyer, though; he contributed to all three Nolan Batman films, as well as Marvel's Blade movies. He also co-wrote DC Comics' JSA (Justice Society of America) with James Robinson and Geoff Johns.

Man of Steel has an expected release date of June 14, 2013. While it probably won't be the phenomenon Dark Knight Rises was, it'll likely pack folks into theater seats nonetheless. So the question is: will you be going?

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