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Aronofsky's Arc and the 8 Most Massive Set-Pieces of All Time

The Jurassic Park T-Rex Robot

This famously terrifying set-piece is described as both the "largest puppet," and "largest robot actor" in film. During the last few weeks of filming, the rex's hydraulic metal armature was transported to Warner Bros. Studio's largest sound stage to put on its makeup. A crew stayed late one night to attach the rex's scaly exterior with foam rubber and glue, requiring one enterprising propmaster to climb inside the dino's metal gullet. "As I was crawling inside this thing, I said to the guy on the controls: ‘Don’t shut it down, and make sure nobody trips on this cord" mechanical designer Alan Scott says. "I’m going to be inside, and if this thing moves, with all those hydraulics inside, I’m dead.’”
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