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The 3 Best Songs for the Zombie Apocalypse

The 3 Best Songs for the Zombie Apocalypse

What are the keys to surviving a zombie apocalypse? Well, for starters: steel-reinforced doors, a well-stocked pantry, and an even more well-stocked cabinet full of semi-automatic weapons and/or well-maintained garden implements designed to remove people's heads. But no less important to the survivor's lifestyle is your favorite playlist—a series of musical selections for every post-apocalypse setting! And while you'll no doubt want to fill your iPod with your own favorite soundtrack for shift-sleeping, watch-keeping, and blowing away would-be brain eaters who stumble into your yard, no Zombie Apocalypse Playlist would be complete without these three classics (WARNING: Movie clips contain graphic acts of violence against members of the undead).

Best song for frolicking in the snow: Min Dag, by Åge Aleksandersen

If cult horror flick Dead Snow taught us one thing, it's that when you're about to take on a frozen cadre of undead Nazi snowmen with nothing but your best bud and a chainsaw, mood music is key. Queue up this cheerful pop song by the Norwegian version of Bruce Springsteen to keep you feeling peppy. It is your vacation, after all.

Best song for a zombie chase montage: For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Metallica

Need to familiarize a noob with the current state of affairs? Try headbanging your way through the beginning of the end of the world with some appropriately hardcore tune-age from the opening credits of Zombieland. Also? CARDIO.

Best song for a generalized rampage against sadistic military survivors in an English country house: In a Heartbeat, by John Murphy

When it's no longer clear who the monsters are in a world gone mad, this haunting instrumental piece from the climactic denouement of 28 Days Later strikes an appropriately menacing tone (Burying your thumb up to the third joint in your opponent's eye socket optional).

What are your favorite musical moments from the zombie apocalypse?

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