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VIDEO: Marvel's "Item 47" Keeps Us Guessing

VIDEO: Marvel's "Item 47" Keeps Us Guessing

The sequel to the blockbuster movie The Avengers may be a very long time coming, but those keeping tabs on all of the film’s developments know that its Blu-ray release will come with an exclusive short film entitled Item 47, which takes place shortly after the Avengers’ cataclysmic clash with Loki and the Chitauri. When a young, downtrodden couple get their hands on one of the alien weapons that had been left behind, the two end up becoming a latter day Bonnie and Clyde as they go on a supervillainous crime spree. And thanks to this clip, we at The MindHut are left with plenty of questions.

First stop on the speculation train! It’s a question everyone has probably been asking since they first watched this clip: Thanos aside, are we looking at the humble origins of the villains for The Avengers sequel? If you’re versed in the fine art of comic book tropes, then you know that the plight of the couple in Item 47 is typical for a budding villain; feeling victimized by society’s corrupt elite, a meek individual stumbles upon the remedy to their dismal situation and undergoes a crusade against the societal machine, reluctantly discovering that their little endeavor has made them a public menace.

If this is indeed the case, Marvel Studios is making a smart move by devoting the entirety of Item 47 to the origin story of the next film’s villains. Yes, origin stories are vital to the plot, but they can impede the pace of a movie and not leave much room for action sequences and other scenes of interest. By relegating most of this exposition to a short film, The Avengers sequel can get right into the action and not worry about compromising the main plot for the sake of explanation.

Assuming that the couple in the clip are indeed the villains for the sequel, will they be entirely new creations or draw from the Avengers’ rogues gallery in the comics? Maybe we’re looking into minor details too much, but the couple’s ski masks just might be giving subtle hints as to whom they will become as villains. There are some on the internet who speculate that Jesse Bradford’s character will become Wrecker—a longtime enemy of Thor and the Avengers who happens to wear a ski mask (granted that it's purple). As for Lizzy Caplan, the manner in which her mask bunched up had an uncanny resemblance to the helmet worn by the villainess Moonstone. Like the mask, Moonstone’s original costume from the ‘70s into the late ‘90s had a fin running atop the helmet.

Of course, how will the young lovers get their powers? Based our comic book expertise, the weapon they’re wielding is most likely highly unstable and defies the limits of human comprehension. There’s always the chance that it can have some permanent DNA-altering effects if not handled with care. Just sayin'.

The Avengers and Item 47 will be released together on Blu-ray September 25th!

What do you expect will happen in Item 47?

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