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Sleeping Beauty Is a Total Stalker in this New Fairytale Comedy

Sleeping Beauty Is a Total Stalker in this New Fairytale Comedy

With a batch of titles like Snow White and The Huntsman, Red Riding Hood, and the upcoming Angelina Jolie firebreather Maleficent giving our fairytales the same gray-tinted, hyper moody makeover and over and over, we're beginning to feel a bit like Rapunzel—all tower-pent, cloistered in our bodices while we sullenly craft hair dolls in want of a new Tim Burton or Wes Anderson release. Someday our prince will come, and hopefully he'll bring some levity back to a genre that's supposed to be about magic and pixie farts and the like.

Well, we might just get our escape in the form of the as-yet-untitled Sleeping Beauty comedy recently announced by producer Neal Moritz. All we know so far is that the film will be a "modern-day retelling" of the soporific standard which sees our Prince Charming—or, for modernity's sake, let's call him Bro Charming—"accidentally" waking up his conked-out cutie, thus binding him to a creepy, stalky girlfriend he didn't ask for. The premise sounds promising, but how a dude "accidentally" locks lips with a passed-out lady is a bit of a puzzler…maybe this scene takes place at a frat party.

Producer Moritz is already attached to some 84 titles—including, *gasp!*, a new Battle Royale!?—that mostly fall into the category of "muscle guys shooting stuff." Recently though, he's delved more into comedy, including the high-school buddy cop reboot 21 Jump Street and Freaky Friday: Midlife Crisis Edition, a.k.a The Change-Up. Depending on who Moritz can secure for the cast here, this fractured Fairytale could go either way. We've got high hopes though (when you're trapped in a tower it's hard not to,) so here's our wish list for the Bro Charming/Sleeping Stalker leading couple that could clinch this film as a winner:

Our Top 3 Sleeping Stalkers
1. Zooey Deschanel: cause we already know the New Girl star can pull off a clean combo of adorable and annoying.

2. Kristen Schaal: cause she's the cutest stalker ever.

3. Emma Stone: cause, come on. Emma Stone.

Our Top 3 Bro Charmings
1. Jonah Hill:
cause he's on a major roll playing the agitated, exasperated everydude.

2. Charlie Day: cause he's not even a little charming, but we love watching him frantically fail to be.

3. Sir Patrick Stewart: cause nobody'd see it coming, and he actually is legitimate royalty.

What do you think about Sleeping Beauty as a comedy stalker? Who do you want to see in the leading roles?

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