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The Hobbit is Now THREE Movies?!?!

The Hobbit is Now THREE Movies?!?!

Okay, Hollywood, you're getting ridiculous. We love The Hobbit. We're thrilled that the first movie comes out this December. We're even mostly okay with the fact that they're splitting this into two movies. BUT THREE? What is this nonsense?

Bear with us, if you will. Combined, the three books of the Lord of the Rings series are over 1000 pages, usually around 1200 (depending on your version). The Hobbit is roughly a little bit less than a third of that length. And yet they covered the entire LOTR series in the same number of movies as The Hobbit? This does not compute. By this new book-splitting logic, LOTR should have been at least a nine-movie saga. Which, lets be realistic, would probably get a bit old.

And The Hobbit, while an awesome story, just doesn't contain the same depth of information. How much are the directors going to add to the movies to make it a trilogy? Perhaps a side-saga exploring Bilbo's hidden desire to get a tattoo? Maybe a detour into the realm of goblin politics? J.R.R. Tolkien is probably rolling in his grave.

That's why, even though we're counting down the days until The Hobbit comes out in theaters, we feel like Hollywood is pushing its luck with this three-movie thing.

What do you think Sparklers? Is the split good or bad?

[Via LATimes]

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