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True Blood Recap: Sheer Luna-cy!

True Blood Recap: Sheer Luna-cy!

This week’s True Blood was the directorial debut of Stephen Moyer (Bill), and it was chock full of its usual chaos. Morals were tested, Pam gave Tara a gift, and Sam almost made out with himself. Here’s how it happened:

As Andy hauls off the orderly Sam sniffed out last week, a still recovering Luna is super mad. She wants to fight back by killing random racist rednecks! He demurs, saying Andy is on it. That should instill confidence. After he leaves, Luna has a mini-freak out and shifts into Sam! Note: per the show’s history, only shifters who have killed another shifter can take other human forms. So either Luna is a killer about to be unleashed, or we just learned something new about the process of shifting. Either way, Luna just got interesting.

Returning from their feast/massacre wearing Mardi Gras beads and blood-caked grins, The Authority et al. talk about their next move. It’s clear that Eric is the only vamp there who ain’t so gung-ho about taking out humanity, although Bill’s loyalties remain murky. Eric confronts Nora after they’ve sobered up—he wants to honor what he knows Godric would want. He tries to reason with her, but she’s having none of it.

Later, Salome invites Bill to her room for “a late night snack.” The snack, a woman who pleads to be saved because she has children, prompts a Bill flashback. We learn that he went to see his daughter on her deathbed, and she asked him to turn her—she was rotting and dying and wanted mercy. He let her die, because “immortality is a curse.” In present day, Bill succumbs and feeds. We’re thinking Bill’s just infiltrating, getting in deep with Salome and eating people now to save more people later.

Back at Casa Stackhouse, Jason stops Sook’s light show. In another sweet moment from Jason this season, he tells Sook that without her powers, she’d have never met Bill or got to see their gran again, and he reminds her that she’s a product of their parents—how bad can fairydom be? He also notes that her lightning paws might be what saves them, so “don’t be sprayin’ it all over the yard.”

They ask the fairy bartender from the club for help finding the vamp who killed their parents, and he meets them on the bridge where their parents were murdered. There, he tells Sook that her powers allow her to access ripples in time, (they reference Einstein, noting he was a halfling like Sook) and she can inhabit the mind of her mother on the night of the accident from this location.

She does, and, for the first time, she enters the mind of a vampire! Turns out, this vamp, whose name is Warlow, was also known by her now deceased fairy godmother Claudine, who zapped him after he killed Sook’s 'rents. We’re wondering why she was there, and what else these fae aren’t telling Sook and Jason.

Hoyt, still hanging with the supe-stalkers, is taken to a house in the middle of nowhere for a surprise: they have Jessica silvered, and she’s his to kill. But he can’t. He still loves her. He frees her, she kills the redneck on guard, and Hoyt goes to get help because it’s daytime. He gets lost, though, and comes across a truck, whose passenger pulls a gun on him.

Jessica is saved by Sam, Andy, and Luna-as-Sam, and it’s Luna-as-Sam who smells who may well be behind this gang of crazies: Hoyt’s mama! A kiss on the forehead made Luna turn back into herself, but we have a feeling things are about to get hairy for Sam!

Tara, bartending at Fangtasia, is forced to deal with a racist ex-classmate who says after seeing her new fangs: “Now you’re a member of two minorities.” Tara talks back, but Pam interrupts, citing the virtues of customer service. Later, Pam takes Tara downstairs, where the ex-classmate is tied up. Tara looks at her maker. “I thought you were mad.” Once again, Pam had the zinger of the night: “My mad face and my happy face are the same.” She glamours the woman, telling her she will now worship Tara, and be hers to feed on. Twisted though it may be, we love the developing relationship between Tara and Pam!

In a hilarious scene, Lafayette is approached by Arlene and Holly to help with a séance for Terry’s ifrit. He agrees, but, reminiscent of season one Lafayette, says he needs $300 for his services. At the séance, the woman they killed in Iraq inhabits Lafayette, and he says she’ll lift the curse if either a) Terry kills Patrick, or b) Patrick kills Terry. Patrick literally runs away upon hearing this. We hope he doesn’t succeed when he comes back to kill Terry next week.

At Authority headquarters, they further discuss how to achieve dominion over humans, and Bill gives them the idea they’ve been waiting for: bomb the Tru Blood factories. With only five in existence, this will force vamps to acquire actual blood. This delights Russell, Nora, Salome—everyone except Eric, who looks horrified!

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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