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Sneak Peek at Mythbuster's Explosive New Season!

Sneak Peek at Mythbuster's Explosive New Season!

We don’t know about you, Masterminds, but we’re excited silly about the upcoming season of Mythbusters. You’d think after almost ten years of mayhem and mischief—all in the name of science, of course—there’d be nothing left worth testing, but you’d be very much mistaken (Or is that myth-taken?).

The trailer is cut at such a frenetic pace, it's truly a case of blink and you'll miss it. There's so much awesome packed into this 90 seconds: Vertical car crashes, mattress floating mayhem, bridge breakdowns, oozing animal organs, the crew building things and promptly seeing them destroyed, airplane accidents, and titanic-size myth testing. In one scene, we see Adam and Jamie are floating on a door, Titanic-the-movie style. There’s even dummy decapitation and some seriously dodgy dancing.

Let’s not forget the explosions. Oh my, the explosions are back. Arguably the bread-and-butter of an already awesomely addictive show, they’re even bigger and better this coming season. During the trailer there’s one particular explosion that could potentially outdo any they've attempted before. It's so huge, you can see the sound wave from it ahead of the explosion’s fireball. Now that’s a seriously big bang!

Mythbusters fans know the trailer wouldn’t be complete without Tory taunting Kari with something gross. At one point in the trailer, Kari is nearly puking over an animal being cut open, so naturally Tory decides to chase her with one of the organs.

Kari: “Why are you doing this to me?”

Tory: “It’s for science!”

In the name of science, what are you waiting for? Get over there and check out the upcoming explosions, mayhem and mischief, and start getting excited for the new season—it debuts Fall 2012!

The trailer can be seen on the Discovery Channel website:

What type of myth tests are your favorite?

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