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10 Hilarious Parody Twitter Accounts

10 Hilarious Parody Twitter Accounts

Twitter helps the world keep up with real news in real time — but that doesn't mean it's all real. Fictional characters are more involved in the Twitterverse than ever, thanks to the ever-growing number of parody accounts that spoof iconic characters from TV and film. Just check out the most recent example on the heels of The Dark Knight Rises: the ingenious @BaneCapital!

Below, we bring you 10 more hilarious feeds from the land of fiction.

10. @FakeScience is just what it sounds like. Usually containing some nerdy reference to the latest breaking science news, it's like The Onion for sci/tech fans. Gotta love sarcastic brainiacs!

Recent Tweet: “This week is National Moth week, but it ends up just making people appreciate butterflies more.”

9. @FrodoBaggins follows the adventures of everyone’s favorite ring-bearer (sorry, Bilbo). Of course, now that the one ring has been destroyed, most of those adventures involve stopping by the Green Dragon for a pint-drinking contest.

Recent Tweet: “#ThingsThatGetMeUpset Everyone wanting a piece of me…like my ring…oh, and my finger too!”

8. @Starkcissistic is the appropriate handle of Iron Man himself: Mr. Tony Stark. Cocky as ever, Tony never fails to use Twitter as a tool for getting under Captain America’s ever-impenetrable skin.

Recent Tweet: “@SteveRogers I don’t drink to have a good time, I drink to have a good time with you.”

7. @Marty_McFly keeps us in the loop of the life as a young time-traveler, although he seems perpetually stuck in high school. Surprise: he’s also a big fan of the 1980s!

Recent Tweet: “McFly’s Pizza: Delivery guaranteed 30 minutes before you order or your next paradox is free!”

6. @Hal9000_ is the sentient on-board computer of the spaceship Discovery from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. He occasionally tweets in his own source code but most of the time he’s (it’s?) just analyzing strange human behavior.

Recent Tweet: “After analyzing the way Dave speaks to them, I’ve determined that cats and babies must speak the same language.”

5. @DarthVader is a fan of tweeting classic Vader lines with a modern twist. Oddly enough, he’s also followed by President Barack Obama. We always suspected the Prez had Jedi connections.

Recent Tweet: “Angry Birds in space do not concern me, Admiral. I want that ship.”

4. @God_Damn_Batman doesn’t mince words as Bruce Wayne flaunts his impressive skill set — not to mention his bottomless wallet.

Recent Tweet: “To ensure I get to watch The Dark Knight Rises in peace, I’m buying a whole AMC Theatre. CHAIN.”

3. @Lord_Voldemort7 is a huge fan of the Harry Potter book series! Not so much Harry Potter himself, though…

Recent Tweet: “Happy BDay Daniel Radcliffe is trending. I can’t stand that guy. There’s just something about him…”

2. @DrunkHulk is the belligerent, grammatically-impaired alter ego of Bruce Banner. We had no idea Hulk could read, much less keep up with the news so well. HULK TWEET!


1. @JerkSuperman reminds us how lucky we are that the real Superman has some humility. These tweets make no apologies as the Man of Steel constantly brags about his powers.

Recent Tweet: “Sometimes it’s a curse to have these godlike powers. Kidding! I can fly into the sun, you guys! INTO. THE. SUN.”

Are there any fictional characters you would want to follow?

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