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5 Wrestlers Who Should Play Comic Book Characters

5 Wrestlers Who Should Play Comic Book Characters

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has already played a bumbling tooth fairy, a bumbling single father, and a bumbling animated astronaut on an alien world. But now it looks like ol' D.J. will be adding foulmouthed and uncouth bounty hunter from space to his list of movie roles as he is already in talks to play DC Comics’ Czarnian anti-hero, Lobo. Being such huge wrestling and comic book fans, we at The MindHut compiled this list of 5 wrestlers who should play other comic book characters.

1) Chris Jericho as Booster Gold

DC Comics probably had no idea that Booster Gold would generate such a huge and fervent fanbase following his debut in 1986. As such, DC is 26 years overdue in producing a film featuring everyone’s favorite 25th century super hero. And the only wrestler that matches his sense of showmanship, charisma, and propensity for appearing in nearly every facet of the media imaginable is Chris Jericho! Really, just try to imagine the guy decked out in the Booster Gold costume and you’ll see eye-to-eye with us. Jericho has already portrayed Thor on G4’s Attack of the Show!, and that’s more than enough reason for him to play hero.

2) Sheamus as Demolition Man

Chances are you’ve most likely never heard of Demolition Man (a.k.a. D-Man). It’s okay, neither has most of the Marvel Universe. Once a superpowered wrestler of the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, D-Man became a staunch ally of Captain America and was even an Avenger—even if it was a short-lived tenure. Sadly, D-Man ended up becoming a homeless wanderer, cruelly forgotten by his fellow heroes. Wrestler Sheamus would be the perfect fit for the tragic character as he is already skilled in wrestling (eliminating the need to train for the role), has acted in the past, and both have red hair. Not to mention the two being Irish; D-Man’s last name is Dunphy.

3) The Undertaker as Grim Reaper

The Avengers have plenty of super villains hellbent on nothing less than crushing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but none are more persistent than Grim Reaper. Still, calling Grim Reaper persistent is a bit of an understatement, especially in light of his coming back from the dead time and again to see that the Avengers end up six feet under by his hand... or scythe. Now, does this whole rising-from-the-grave thing sound like any wrestler we know? Yep, all signs point to the Undertaker. If Marvel ever decides to make a third Avengers installment—and they most certainly will—the Undertaker as Grim Reaper would be epic! The guy’s an intimidating 6’10’’, meaning that he’d tower over the entire cast portraying the Avengers team, and would be wielding a massive scythe imbued with dark energies to boot. Tell us you wouldn’t be the least bit intrigued!

4) John Cena as Sgt. Rock

Think about it, John Cena’s starred in The Marine, has a penchant for wearing dog tags and other military attire whenever possible, and has a patriotic respect for the men and women who put their lives on the line defending the United States. So why not have Cena portray the DC Universe’s resident tough-as-nails G.I.: the legendary and classic Sgt. Rock. To be fair, we really don’t see Cena portraying the character in his original WWII-era setting, but he would be a great fit for a Sgt. Rock movie that retells his origin taking place during the Vietnam War or any other modern conflict that occurred thereafter. We’re just hoping that DC makes this movie soon before they reconsider Arnold Schwarzenegger for the role (this actually did happen and hopefully won't again).

5) Big Show as Absorbing Man

Everyone’s wondering who the next villain will be for Thor 2, with some wanting to see a more street-level villain taking on the Son of Odin—and that’s where Absorbing Man comes in. A former boxer and jailbird, Absorbing Man is a hulking brute that wields a ball and chain and has the ability to absorb the properties of any matter he comes into contact with. Essentially, the more dangerous the material, the more of a threat he becomes. And that’s why we’d like to see Big Show playing Thor’s nemesis. Both are imposing, rough around the edges and—when he’s sans beard and hair—has a remarkable likeness to the villain!

What wrestlers would you like to see portray comic book heroes or villains?

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