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Darth Maul Tears Up Some Droid Booty in Clone Wars Season 5 Teaser

Darth Maul Tears Up Some Droid Booty in Clone Wars Season 5 Teaser

Die hard fans of The Clone Wars were treated to the best season yet last year. The action was brought to new heights, as we saw a tribute to the old Star Wars cartoon Droids, and of course there was the return of the most popular villain from the Star Wars new school, Darth Maul. It may be hard to top that, but if the brand new sneak peak into season five that recently hit the web is any indication, we're in for even more revved up action and more Darth Maul!

Yes, the teaser trailer features a stunningly rendered scene in which a space station armed by robot guards is overtaken by a mysterious intruder, later revealed to be Darth Maul himself. We think it's safe to surmise Maul will become a central figure this season, and that's just fine with us! It's going to be really interesting to see how Clone Wars expands the character of Maul, and what revelations will come that may broaden his inner life. Any fan of the Star Wars universe knows that half the fascination comes in exploring the evil characters and gaining a greater understanding of just what it was that brought them to the dark side.

The new season premieres this September. Until then, keep your lightsaber at your side and your eyes to the stars!

Are you looking forward to the new season of Clone Wars?

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