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DreamWorks Reboots We'd Love to See!

DreamWorks Reboots We'd Love to See!

Great news for classic cartoon and comic lovers! DreamWorks Animation recently purchased Classic Media, a company with the rights to many beloved franchises, including Rocky and Bullwinkle, Where’s Waldo, and Voltron. After taking a look at the Classic Media library, we’ve compiled a list of films and/or characters we DreamWorks to update via television or film. Check out our picks:

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe / She-Ra

With The Avengers proving that a film can rock socks while starring more than one matinee superhero, it’s time to reward fans of these early 80’s Filmation classics with a big screen reboot. We’re thinking Chris Hemsworth as He-Man. Who else is buff and blond with experience playing princes and warriors? We’re also game for an updated animated series, a la My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Either way, based on the voluminous He-Man/She-Ra following at SDCC this year, it’s clear there’s still loads of love for this franchise. Hopefully, the power of Greyskull will be bestowed upon us again soon.

Richie Rich

Harvey comics was part of the Classic Media haul, and with it, DreamWorks got all kinds of cool titles. But perhaps the most socially relevant cartoon of the bunch, when considering today’s political and social climates, might be Richie Rich. Sure, the titular hero is the richest boy in the world, but he was also the most generous boy in the world. Richie was a good friend, and never had any qualms about sharing—kind of the anti-Dennis the Menace. A reboot or update in cartoon form could really resonate with contemporary audiences.

Dudley Do-Right

An awful big-screen adaptation starring Brendan Fraser hit theaters with a thud in 1999, and the franchise has been dormant since. It’s time to revive the beloved, bumbling Canadian mounty, and with the right actor, say, a Jude Law or an Aaron Eckhart, an updated film could be a very entertaining ride.

Dick Tracy

It’s hard to top the 1990 Warren Beatty version, so let’s not try. But what about an animated series based on the comics? The last Dick Tracy cartoons were in the 1960s and 70s, so the dude who made yellow fedoras cool is long overdue for a new series. With the myriad of villains in the comics, why not create a smart detective show both kids and fans of the franchise would enjoy?

Magnus, Robot Fighter

Originally a Gold Key comic and reintroduced by Dark Horse in 2010, Magnus, a martial artist who literally tears through robots the way we rip up junk mail, needs a show ASAP (there have been no TV or cinematic adaptations as of yet). Set in a future in which humans are dependent on robots, this old-school comic would likely gel with contemporary audiences.

Doctor Solar (Man of the Atom)

Another Gold Key comics character, this physicist who had a wee bit too much radiation exposure has never had a TV series or movie based on him. Comparisons to Dr. Manhattan and other radiation-absorbing heroes are accurate and inevitable, but regardless, Doctor Solar could be a sort of contemporary Captain Planet, especially with the environmental concerns we face globally.

Fat Albert

Hey, hey, hey! It’s time for an update! If anyone could convince Bill Cosby to resurrect this leader of a band of junkyard misfits, it might be DreamWorks. Although, even without Cosby, we feel like DreamWorks could score some supreme talent to voice a new toon. Our dream cast? Chris Rock, Regina King, and Donald Glover would be awesome as the Cosby Kids who always got themselves into the most ridiculous situations!

For a list of more titles DreamWorks now owns, you can go here.

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Which titles from Classic Media do you most want to see get updates or reboots?

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