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Area 51 is Coming to AMC!

Area 51 is Coming to AMC!

Masterminds who love you some AMC, take note!  We’re sure many of you are losing your patience with the paltry (albeit awesome) seasons of The Walking Dead. With a mere 13 eps per season, it's tough to get your fill of quality AMC programming. But it looks like the network has just tapped into a TV well of infinite potential in green-lighting a show based on investigative journalist Annie Jacobsen’s novel Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base.

The title location refers to the top-secret area in Nevada in which the government conducted mad-crazy atomic weapons tests (among other things) in the 1950s. Things that went on there were so hush-hush that the U.S. government is still sketchy on the details, and it took the tenacious investigating of Jacobsen to reveal some pretty insane happenings.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the show “will take place in the 1950s-1960s and will focus on those who work at the base and protect the country's secrets, including the remains of the alleged alien crash at Roswell.”

Sounds like this show could get crazy, especially when considering some of the incidents Jacobsen cites in her book. She interviewed nearly 20 people who were either scientists or military personnel affiliated with Area 51, and let’s just say that accidents with weapons grade plutonium and the over-heating of Mars-bound nuclear rockets are just a few of the issues—or should we say plotlines—we could see when the upcoming show hits AMC in 2013 or 2014. Gale Anne Hurd, an executive producer on The Walking Dead, will also be the Executive Producer, and Todd E. Kessler (Rome) will write the script.

What's your favorite TV show about aliens?

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