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Paranormal Activity 4 Teaser is Here!

Paranormal Activity 4 Teaser is Here!

The Paranormal Activity franchise is attempting to rattle our nerves once again, as its fourth installment is set for a Halloween release date, and a brand new extended trailer hit the web this week, teasing us with some of the scares to come.

As fans of the series know, the past two sequels have progressively taken a step back in time from the events of the first, but the producers this time around have thankfully hit the re-set button, as the events of PA4 appear to take place in the present day. What sort of tricks are these inter-dimensional specters of doom up to this time? Well, apparently they've set up Skype accounts, if this trailer is any indication. Achilling development indeed, because the only thing more terrifying than a poltergeist invading your home is a poltergeist that hogs your laptop all night and makes three hour calls to Auntie Francine in Boise, Idaho.

Katie Featherston (the actress who plays the lead Katie in the first), is on hand here, at least in flashback and spirit form, and the trailer hints at the possibility of further elucidating on the fate of her character.

The previous two sequels were surprisingly strong, but a fourth installment might be pushing the boundaries of how many films a franchise can crank out before they render themselves irrelevant. Guess we'll just have to wait until Halloween to find out if this one is worth waking the dead for.

Do you think Paranormal Activity 4 will be as good as the first three?

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