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True Blood Recap: Enter The Dragon

True Blood Recap: Enter The Dragon

On this week’s True Blood, we get a glimpse at one of Jason’s old report cards, the Dragon is ID’d, and the ifrit ridiculousness is solved (we hope).

The episode opens with the nightly news featuring the bombing of a Tru Blood factory in Houston. Salome and Co. celebrate by devouring the human snack they tied to the table. Eric has had enough, and seeks help from our favorite vampire techie, Molly, who has also lost favor with The Authority. He knows the blood of Lilith is a tool Salome uses to brainwash other vamps, and he wants nothing to do with it. They hatch a plan.

He later confronts Bill, who might actually be flying over the cuckoo’s nest. Is Sookie just food? Eric asks. He tells Bill they need to get past security, and Salome’s blood will help them do that. Bill seems to consider this, but we know nothing good is coming when Salome tells Bill he has been chosen by Lilith to start a new world with her.

Sook asks Lafayette to help her find Warlow, the vampire who killed her rents and whose image threatened her last week. “I ain’t Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost,” he says. He has no luck with Warlow, but he does get contacted by Gran, who says to look under the bed. They find a box with everything from a framed copy of the only ‘B’ Jason ever got (in gym—hilarious!) to a newspaper clipping saying Sheriff Bud Dearborne was at the scene after Sookie’s parents’ death. Sook goes to visit him, hoping for info.

Jessica is worried about Hoyt; she sensed his fear, but can no longer feel him. Jason vows to find him. He and Andy check out a website frequented by supe-stalkers, and learn someone called Dragon is behind this. Later, in an uncomfortable scene, Jason and Andy beat the crap outta the supe-killing orderly they have in custody, but get zero info. A break comes when Andy remembers the pair of boots he saw on the website—they belong to his former boss, Sheriff Dearborne! Sam and Luna, who were literally flies on the wall in the room, take off.

We called Bud as potential Dragon a few weeks ago, but balked last week when Sam and Luna smelled a larger woman. Turns out, we were half right. Bud is a supe-stalker, and the Dragon is his mistress. She smacks Sook over the head with a frying pan and drags her to a pig sty/barn, where Hoyt lays bound and drugged.

After hearing about the bombing of factories, Tara wants to stockpile Tru Blood, but Pam refuses. She doesn’t want to make any statements—she stays away from two things: “humans who eat a lot of fish, and politics.” Tara predicts a bloodbath, and Pam doesn’t argue.

Tara also senses Pam’s worried about Eric, and offers her listening services. Just because we drank someone together, Pam says, “does not make us Oprah and Gayle.” Later, trouble comes to Fangtasia in the form of a new sheriff appointed by The Authority. He throws Pam across the bar, grabs a human, and says: “Drinks are on me!”

Terry tells Arlene he’s going to find Patrick and offer him a fair fight. Arlene wants Terry to just kill the dude already (yes, please, for plot’s sake!) but Terry tells her she’s the only reason he’s fighting at all (awwww!) and leaves. Of course, Patrick abducts Arlene at gunpoint later and lures Terry to Merlotte’s, where it takes only two people to run a restaurant. There, assisted by Arlene and the image of the woman he killed in Iraq, Terry shoots Patrick, and the ifrit eats him (convenient dead body disposal!), presumably putting an end to one of the worst plots in series’ history.

Over at Bud’s pig farm, Sook and Hoyt are about to become pig food. The crazies toss Sook into the vat of hungry hogs, but Sam catches her, saving her. He fights them off until Jason and Andy show up. Andy shoots Sheriff Dearborne in the process, and Luna takes down the Dragon. Sam and Luna then head to pick up Emma.

Emma, however, has the misfortune of being associated with the pack Russell Edgington supplies/employs. Speaking of our favorite anarchy-loving vampire, Russell flirts even more hardcore with Steve Newlin, who accompanies him on a visit to his wolfpack. When Emma’s granny Martha refuses to drink his blood, Russell takes Emma and gives her to Newlin as a pet! Uh oh! This is a twist that could involve Sam, Luna, Alcide, Jason, Andy, maybe even Sook! We look forward to seeing how it plays out.

After learning that two more Tru Blood factories have been bombed, Eric knocks Nora out and carries her to the exits with Molly. They’re stopped by Salome and Bill, who has ratted them out. As it stands, Eric is trapped, Emma is wolf-napped, and the preview for the final three eps shows Jason and Jessica lying together in a grave!

Where do you think True Blood’s going in its final three eps?

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