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Zombies Sighted in NYC!

Zombies Sighted in NYC!

You know what's great about zombies? Well, yeah, okay; the answer to that question, obviously, is everything. But one of the finer points of zombie awesomeness is the part where sure, they're a lot of fun, but they're also safely contained inside your television. Because much as we love a good zombie, it's always nice to know that you can buy a hot dog, get the mail, hail a taxi, and generally conduct your little life in unguarded peace without having to worry about encountering a decaying member of the slavering undead.

Which is why we're not sure whether this recent experiment by the production team behind "The Walking Dead" is a terrific idea... or one that violates every law of human decency as it relates to keeping zombies safely behind the fourth wall. And judging by the shrieks of the terrified folks who encountered a group of lumbering, blood-caked, facial-flesh-dangling corpse-people on the streets of New York, we're not alone!

The story: armed with a cast of enthusiastic actors and an industrial-grade makeup kit, the folks at AMC painted up a handful of regular people to resemble actual zombies—decaying flesh, exposed mandibles, bleached-out-and-bloodied eyeballs and all—and then set the pack of beasts loose in our most famous city for an afternoon of shopping, tourism, and general amusement. And while they didn't actually do it just for funzies (the video is part of a "Put Zombies Back on Television" protest against the Dish network for having dropped AMC, and with it, "The Walking Dead"), the reactions of ordinary citizens who crossed their path are pure entertainment. Because while there's plenty of the expected screaming, running, and horrified stares, there's also a large contingent of people who just don't seem to care... possibly because they know it's not real, but more likely because they're all carrying patented zombie-killing equipment in their handbags.

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What would you do if you saw a zombie in the wild?

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