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Blogging RPGs: How to Cope Between Encounters

Blogging RPGs: How to Cope Between Encounters

So, I’m hooked. So hooked, in fact that I wish I could play more. Unfortunately, real life must interfere with the RPG life eventually. Worlds collide, people get sick, and national holidays clash with weekly game nights. Study groups must meet, and “day jobs” must occasionally hold that oh so important meeting that runs late into your play time.

“Excuse me,” I’d like to say. “Do you know who I am? Do you realize who you are talking to? I am flippin’ Lady Allosaurus Emm the Rogue. Maybe you’ve heard of me. No? I’m the baddest, stealthiest, sexiest elf in the realm and YOU are interfering with MY time! Without me, there’d be drow and giant spiders from the Underdark all up in this ‘mandatory meeting’ of yours!”

Alright, so maybe that wouldn’t go over too well with the boss. We’ll have to suck it up, bite our tongues, and wait until next week to save the world. We sigh, look wistfully out the window, and find ourselves wondering how to get our gamer fix when the group can’t get together. I ended up in one or several of these scenarios in recent weeks, coming home too late on my precious Wednesdays. So deep was my longing, I even resorted to using my D20 to roll and find out who would do the dishes or who would fold the laundry.

Luckily, an avid MindHut reader emailed me with a few character building resources, which prompted me to search the internets for more fun stuff to help fill that D&D shaped hole in my life between encounters.

Attend a board game convention. There is a convention out there for pretty much anything, and board games are no different. I stumbled on the local Dice Tower Convention in my search, but unfortunately I’ve missed it this year. There is always next year though!

Seek out other groups. It’s not cheating! I’m sure your regular quest mates will understand if you go on an adventure or two with some new friends. You may have missed your usual game, but there’s no reason why you can’t save the world on a different night. Several websites can help you find a group in your area.

Make a miniature. Use this time to add to your collection of gaming accessories. You can purchase handy little kits to make your own miniature, as well as the special paints to go with it in most game shops.

Fan Art. If painting a miniature doesn’t get your creative juices flowing, consider making fan art. There are some really impressive works out there based on people and places in the game. Add your ideas to the mix and see where it takes you.

Online Character Builders. If you’re anything like me, you’re still pretty clueless when it comes to other classes/races than the one you’ve been playing with. Thankfully, online character builders let you experiment while cutting down the time it takes to make a new character. Rearrange your stats to your heart’s content with a few clicks. Maybe you’ll find some new favorites?

Character Name Generators. This is just pure fun. Even if you’re great at coming up with names, it doesn’t hurt to mess around with a few of these name generators. You’ll find everything from the intimidating to the ridiculous, and sometimes both in a few tongue-twisting titles.

Invent your own RPG. It sounds daunting, but there are plenty of folks who do this when playing someone else’s RPG just isn’t nerdy enough. You can base it on the same system as D&D, or you can invent your own. The point is to take all those fantastical worlds you’ve dreamed up and bring them to life. If you’re a writer, this is also a great way to test out some plot points!

How do you cope when you can't make it to your weekly gaming sesh?

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