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New Skyfall Trailers!

New Skyfall Trailers!

James Bond is the longest-running movie franchise of all time, and for good reason. Ever since the release of Dr. No in 1962, the public has loved riding sidecar in Bond’s world of gadgets, guns, and girls. While each Bond has had his own special flair, surely there hasn’t been a more intense 007 than Daniel Craig. This October, he reprises his role as MI6’s top agent for a third time in Skyfall. And from the look of these two awesome new trailers, it could very well be his best one yet! Check them out:

It looks like we have several new faces this time around. Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem have joined Craig and M veteran Judi Dench, bringing their own acting chops to an already skilled cast. While we're still reeling from Bardem's portrayal of the coin-flipping, mop-topped psychopath Chigurh in No Country For Old Men, Bardem seems somehow even creepier in these trailer, with his bleach blond hair and polite mannerisms. Ben Whishaw also jumps on board as the new Q, who looks fresh out of gadget-school.

Gadget-school is a place, right?

In the first action scene of the trailer, Bond fights off his opponent on top of a moving train before he is shot and presumably drowned into the river below (but we know better, don’t we?). Where being killed would be a major inconvenience to anyone else, it just allows 007 to take a little time off.  You know, lounge on the beach, have some drinks, and plot an inevitable revenge.

A large aspect of the film seems to be M’s past coming back to haunt her. This could be a great way to add dimension to the 007 world, as side characters like M, Q, and Moneypenny have never had much to do in Bond films except provide a good scolding, the latest gadgets, and a flirtatious conversation, respectively. Maybe they are taking a page out of Nolan’s Batman handbook, which finally allowed Gordon and Alfred to get very hands-on in helping save Gotham City.

Nolan has a Batman handbook, right?

Judging from the amount of destruction alone, the stakes are definitely higher than the previous two films. By now, Bond must be over Vesper and is focused solely on taking down the mysterious terrorist organization QUANTUM. It seems that James just can’t stay away from bad guys with their fiendish plots. But, like he says in the trailer, “Everyone needs a hobby.”

Are you excited for Skyfall?

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