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VIDEO: Mankind Can Finally Buy a Robotic Mech!

VIDEO: Mankind Can Finally Buy a Robotic Mech!

How many times have you watched YouTube videos of Japanese technical institutes holding demos of their latest robotic creations and thought, “Robotic baby seals and dental patients are nice, but when they are going to make a robot I can actually ride in?” Well, Masterminds, the design team of Suidobashi Heavy Industry have granted your wish and created the ultimate marriage of robotic engineering with fanboy enthusiasm: Kuratas! Read on to see a video of this monolithic mech in action!

Suidobashi Heavy Industry emphatically states that Kuratas, while a fully functional vehicle of sorts, wasn’t exactly designed with comfort and automotive safety in mind. Essentially it’s dangerous, but concern for one’s own welfare tends to take a backseat where giant Japanese robots are concerned. But we digress.

Kuratas is a 12-foot tall masterpiece of metal with a cockpit in its chest fitted with a display screen and other technical bric-a-brac. This makes it—according to the demo video—the first “giant boarding robot.” In addition to the display screen is a unique control stick built to perform two functions: steer the robot and control its arms via the two attached joysticks. It can even be controlled outside the cockpit via an iPhone app!

Coasting along on four spider-like legs with wheels attached on each end, Kuratas can hit the street and make any mundane errand feel like an episode from a giant robot anime—your choice. Granted, it wasn’t exactly built for speed, but it is ideal for chasing ice cream trucks or terrorizing the mailman for hearty guffaws.

No self-respecting giant robot would dare roll off the assembly line without an arsenal of weaponry and while—thankfully—Kuratas isn’t stocked with a nuclear payload or other nasties, it does unleash a barrage of BBs from its Gattling guns and rockets filled with compressed water from the rocket launcher. Remember to aim away from the face!

Right now Suidobashi is taking orders for Kuratas on their site, where you can customize the color scheme and choose additional add-ons. So if you have, approximately, $1.3 million dollars burning a hole in your pocket, why not place an order? Now if they can just outfit it with an external sound system so we can blast the Robotech theme tune.

Would you buy Kuratas?

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